We ignite change. We support transformative leadership and courageous storytelling, inspiring action toward a peaceful, just, sustainable future.

Established in 1946, Compton Foundation fosters positive and sustainable models of change.  We are a family foundation based in the U.S. and working with a global perspective.

The Compton Foundation supports work in climate change, progressive foreign policy, and reproductive rights and justice, with an emphasis on projects that work at the intersection of those issues and support the democratic infrastructure and robust civic engagement necessary to ensure positive change. We invest in courageous storytelling and transformative leadership, with the knowledge that bringing forth a positive future requires innovative ways of understanding and naming the problems we face, as well as new methods for collaborating to solve them. See our recent grants here.

In November of 2019, the Compton Foundation Board announced that it will be spending out the Foundation’s assets and closing its doors by the end of 2027. This decision is a response to the severity, urgency, and scale of the threats facing our grant partners and all advocates working for a more peaceful, climate resilient, just, and democratic world. For more information about the rationale behind the spend-out, read the Board’s statement.

Compton Environmental & Social Sustainability Policies: The Compton Foundation makes every effort to have our office operations align with our grantmaking program. From our investing policies to our green office supplies and carbon offsets, we make a serious effort to reduce our footprint on the environment. Read more about the specific ways we walk our talk.


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