04/29/2016 - Divest-Invest Wins the Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Award for Brave Philanthropy News From Divest-Invest: We are so pleased to announce that this afternoon in Bogota, Colombia, Ellen Dorsey will accept the inaugural Nelson Mandela-Graca Machel Award for Brave Philanthropy on behalf of you, the 140 foundations and family offices of Divest-Invest Philanthropy. The … Continue reading

04/25/2016 - Catching The Sun Movie News From Shalini Kantayya,  7thempiremedia: “A must-see film. An eye-opening look at workers and entrepreneurs on the forefront of the clean energy movement that will transform, and enliven the way you see the future. What is clear is the wonderful opportunity … Continue reading

Update From The Foundation

Topic: Seeds of Transformation The feeling of many forecasters is that 2016 will be a year in which fear and anxiety compete with vitality and innovation as the dominant trends. Will suspicion and distrust, fear of new migrants and the securitization of policy and … Continue reading

Topic: After Paris: Lessons Learned “Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day, I can hear her breathing.” Arundhati Roy   It was definitely not quiet on the streets of Paris during the COP21 meetings during December 2015, … Continue reading