02/02/2017 - Do women matter to national security? The men who lead U.S. foreign policy don’t think so. Grantee News From New America: The Washington Post By Joshua Busby and Heather Hurlburt During the Obama administration, women moved ahead in the U.S. national security infrastructure. They held record numbers of senior national security jobs; in the military, they won the right … Continue reading

01/27/2017 - 2017 People’s State of the Union Kicks Off Tomorrow! Grantee News From US Department of Arts and Culture: We The People deserve to be heard. The news has had its chance. The new president will have too many chances. Now it is our turn. Starting tomorrow and running through … Continue reading

Update From The Foundation

Topic: Let’s go to work Below are remarks delivered by Compton Foundation Vice-President, Rebecca DiDomenico, at the December 1, 2016 reception for the Foundation’s Women, Peace, and Security Initiative partners in Washington DC.  Welcome everyone and thank you for being here.  I have a story … Continue reading

Topic: To all our grant partners, funding colleagues, and allies We have been thinking about everyone working to promote a vision of the future that is just, sustainable, and peaceful over the past few days. We want to communicate our admiration for the strength, fortitude, courage, conviction, and love that … Continue reading