11/19/2020 - A New Initiative Calls for Greater Trustee Accountability, Commitment to Racial Justice News from Inside Philanthropy: Mike Scutari BLACK LIVES MATTER PROTESTORS IN APPLETON, WISCONSIN OVER THE SUMMER. A NEW INITIATIVE IS CALLING ON FOUNDATION TRUSTEES TO COMMIT TO ADVANCING RACIAL JUSTICE. AARON OF L.A. PHOTOGRAPHY/SHUTTERSTOCK Back in May, the NoVo Foundation, … Continue reading

09/30/2020 - Can Millions of Deep Conversations With Total Strangers Beat Trump — and Heal America? Grantee News From People’s Action: COVID-19 has upended the 2020 campaign. Activists are testing a cutting-edge strategy to change the hearts and minds of voters in our pandemic election By ANDY KROLL RollingStone. L. said he wasn’t a fan of former … Continue reading

Update From The Foundation

Topic: The Compton Foundation’s Trust-Based Approach to Spending Down TRUST-BASED PHILANTHROPY PROJECT Ellen Friedman has been executive director of the Compton Foundation for 10 years. We sat down with Ellen to hear about her trust-based journey, and how the Foundation chose to spend out rather than exist in perpetuity. … Continue reading

Topic: There Is No Better Time Than Now for Philanthropy to Spend Itself Out of Existence By Ellen Friedman , Glen Galaich, and Pia Infante. As our nation grapples with a confluence of crises, philanthropy is abuzz with how best to respond. Some are increasing payouts. Others are allowing grantees more flexibility in how they spend … Continue reading