06/29/2020 - Understanding Gender Equality in Foreign Policy Grantee News From Council on Foreign Relations: Download PDF What the United States Can Do Incorporating lessons from the approaches pursued by other countries, the U.S. government should take a more systematic and well-resourced approach to promoting gender equality in … Continue reading

06/09/2020 - Demonstrations Prompt National Security Community Push for Diversity Grantee News From WCAPS: In a letter, more than 150 organizations and practitioners in the national security and foreign-policy communities pledged to add more diversity to their ranks and boards of directors. “These racial attitudes exist in all facets of … Continue reading

Update From The Foundation

Topic: There Is No Better Time Than Now for Philanthropy to Spend Itself Out of Existence By Ellen Friedman , Glen Galaich, and Pia Infante. As our nation grapples with a confluence of crises, philanthropy is abuzz with how best to respond. Some are increasing payouts. Others are allowing grantees more flexibility in how they spend … Continue reading

Topic: Meeting the Moment, Now and Moving Forward “It is not a risk to invest in black and brown people fighting for liberation. It’s the surest bet. When we have the resources to lead our own struggles, the world is transformed.” —Charlene Carruthers It is clear that we … Continue reading