04/26/2018 - The World Is Getting More Dangerous. What Are Peace and Security Funders Trying to Do About That? Grantee News From Peace and Security Funders Group: At the beginning of this year, the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists moved its famed “doomsday clock” a bit closer to midnight—to two minutes, the closest point it’s been since 1953. We live in … Continue reading

04/12/2018 - Domestic abusers: Dangerous for women — and lethal for cops Grantee News From Fuller Project: Linda Pope faced a flood of red and blue lights as she arrived at the hospital on the night her husband was killed. Cincinnati Police Officer Daniel Pope had been shot in the head while … Continue reading

Update From The Foundation

Topic: Why We’re Closing our Public Inquiry Process At the Compton Foundation, we believe that philanthropy is at its best when it is open and transparent, and we strive to make our grantmaking process respectful of those who are fundraising. It is in that spirit that we share … Continue reading

Topic: Staff Change It is often said that the only thing we can count on is change. Over the course of the 60-plus years of the life of the Compton Foundation, that has been very true. This Foundation has grown and evolved, moved … Continue reading