11/26/2014 - The Price of Our Blood: Why Ferguson Is a Reproductive Justice Issue Grantee News From RH Reality Check: The events that have unfolded in Ferguson, Missouri, in recent weeks have revealed many tragedies, among them the fact that the death of so many youth of color in this country is still debatable … Continue reading

11/25/2014 - HighWaterLine Bristol ā€“ Invisible Dust Grantee News From HighWaterLine: Bristol residents created a public artwork from 9th-21st September 2014, by artist Eve Mosher, by physically drawing a chalkline of the high water mark set out by scientists of future flooding in Bristol.

Update From The Foundation

Topic: Connecting the Disconnected Article by Ellen Friedman featured in the December 2014 issue of Alliance magazine: ‘Our task is to make whole what is broken, unite what is separated, heal what is wounded, and connect across divides.ā€™ -Louise Diamond I can vividly remember … Continue reading

Topic: What is a justice funder? Could it possibly be me? I have to admit, Iā€™m shocked to be writing for this blog. I came to the Compton Foundation, where our funding now supports movement building and storytelling in climate, reproductive rights and justice, and peace, to run the environment portfolio. … Continue reading