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Visual Story Lab

April 8, 2013

Grantee News From Resource Media:

So much of our work is about connecting with people. At Resource Media we’ve learned through experience that the most potent communications efforts come with pictures. The right pictures. It doesn’t matter whether you are perched on Madison Avenue, or occupying Wall Street. Pictures are the pathway to people’s emotions, and emotions are the trigger for connecting with hearts and minds. Today we are launching a new initiative aimed at making us all better at visual storytelling.

Seeing is Believing is the culmination of two years of research into the art and the science of using pictures to influence, move and motivate people.  We are happy to be sharing this new guide with you today. But in many ways, this is only the beginning. Our goal is to host a learning community that can trade tips and techniques gleaned from real world application of the principles we offer here. In addition, as we learn more from our own work, we will continue to share it with all of you through blogs and tip sheets at

We aim to create a visual lab in the truest sense, a place where we can all experiment and honestly assess what works and what doesn’t as we harness the power of pictures to create change.

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