Update From the Foundation

Staff Change

June 13, 2017

It is often said that the only thing we can count on is change. Over the course of the 60-plus years of the life of the Compton Foundation, that has been very true. This Foundation has grown and evolved, moved into new areas, created programs and closed others. Many terrific people have made their mark on the Foundation, both family, non-family board members, staff, as well as the grantee partners whose work has animated the vision of the Foundation’s founders.

This month we are embarking on a significant staff change. Our talented Program Director, Jennifer Sokolove, will be leaving the Compton Foundation at the end of June. While we are thrilled for her, as she steps into leadership at the newly formed Water Foundation and becomes their first Director of Programs and Strategy, we are also really sad that Jen will not be part of our small, but mighty, team moving into the future.

The loss to the Compton Foundation of Jen’s brilliant mind, and her deep care and attention to the work of the Foundation, will not be replaced. She has helped to shape our program in ways both big and small, and she has been a respected face of the Foundation in many grantee and funder communities. I have grown to trust her as an insightful colleague and partner, and I have been deeply moved by her broad range of talents—including her commitment to excellence, her ability to see patterns in our grantmaking that help make it more effective, and her talent at building authentic relationships with grantees and fellow foundation colleagues in service of a better world for all. Our office will miss her laughter and “can do” spirit, which have made her a strong partner to those who have been lucky enough to work with her.

We are pleased that Hanni Hanson, who has been with us for a year and a half, first as an intern, and, for the past year as a program associate, has accepted our offer to continue with us as a program officer. Hanni has been a key member of our team as we develop grant recommendations for our Board, and has provided invaluable support as Compton’s Women, Peace, and Security Initiative has evolved over the past year. We will benefit from her commitment to the vision and mission of the Compton Foundation and her curious mind and spirit.

While Jen is leaving us, her contributions to Compton are deeply part of the Foundation’s culture and approach to grantmaking. On behalf of the Board and staff of the Compton Foundation, and all the grant partners who have benefitted from her efforts, we thank Jen and wish her all the best as she assumes her new role.




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