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Livin’ in the City

May 31, 2011

Compton Foundation is moving. But, why move? I believe that place is very important to how we work, who we work with, and what results from our efforts. The place we operate from puts us in relationship not only with the natural environment, but also the culture of our work, the neighborhood of our colleagues and partners. As our world and work become more interconnected – and the need to collaborate easily is essential for progress – being physically present at a location that promotes relationship, collaboration, ease of access, and hospitality is a prerequisite for us to reach our aspirational vision of transformational social change.

At the new offices of Compton Foundation we are hoping to address all of these issues: not only will we be in a LEED certified building, we will be walking distance from BART and Muni, around the corner from many of our foundation and grant partners, and we will have a spot for folks who are traveling to use if you need a place to do email, have a cup of tea, or just sit down between meetings and talk.

You are welcome to stop by – we look forward to seeing you!

In service,

Ellen Friedman
Executive Director

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