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Transformation – where love meets social justice

July 10, 2013

Grantee News From:  openDemocracy:

We are writing to make sure that you know about openDemocracy’s new section which launched last week called Transformation (“where love meets social justice”). Transformationtells the stories of those who are re-imagining their societies by fusing personal with social change.

We launched the section on July 1st with three pieces that introduced our themes and mission to the public: Michael Edwards welcomed everyone to “Transformation as a place to explore the realities and struggles of the radical imagination.” Nikki Seth-Smith countered by probing the ambiguity of love as a force for social change. And Ray Filar came clean on what she told people when they asked her what Transformation is actually about!

On Tuesday we published a provocative piece by Scott Nakagawa on racism in America, followed up by an interview with Tim Ryan, the US Congressman who wants a “quiet revolution,” along with the first of series of video-portraits by Ólöf Söebech about individuals who are experimenting with more sustainable ways of living in European cities. Thursday saw the release of two powerful films by Mónica Enríquez-Enríquez on “transformation as a place of possibility” among queer migrants in America.

On Friday we closed the week with a short story of “Breakfast in Detroit” by Sean Thomas-Breitfeld and Caitlin Endyke, which shows how small changes in relationships can have a much bigger impact on city politics. And a blast from Fox News commentator Sally Kohn, who wants to preserve the transformational potential of the Internet by “slaying the trolls with wit and abandon” in a new spirit of civility.

Please check out Transformation and let us know what you think. And since we are a brand new creation we need all the publicity we can get, so please spread the news among your friends and networks. Many thanks for your help, interest and support.

Mike Edwards and Ray Filar

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