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The Milking Parlour – The Film

June 24, 2016

Grantee News From Cape Farewell:


As we’re sure you are now aware – the UK public have voted to leave the EU. Sadly, this means that many of EU’s key environmental protection laws and guidelines could be at risk.

As Craig Bennett CEO of Friends of the Earth put it: ‘Being part of the EU gave us cleaner beaches and drinking water, less air pollution and protected our wildlife. I don’t want to lose these safeguards and I’m sure you don’t either.’

Now more than ever it is essential that we all unify and make sure that our voices are heard. Cape Farewell exists to engage millions in the climate challenge; we must go on.

On a lighter and more inspiring note – we are delighted to share with you our brand new film ‘The Milking Parlour’, which documents the journey that artist and political ecologist Nessie Reid took during her Cape Farewell Rural Residency over the last 18 months.

The film follows Nessie as she produces and runs the fabulous ‘Milking Parlour’; a live show with two cows set in Bristol’s Harbourside, to invite us to consider the climate change impacts of what we put into our shopping baskets; using milk as the perfect medium through which to explore our current farming system. We caught the attention of millions with coverage on BBC News and live on the Jeremy Vine Show

A huge thanks to everyone who has been involved in this project, especially those who took part in the vital conversations we have had over the last few months and recently as part of Bristol’s Big Green Week with a series of packed out panel talks and screenings.

We will keep you posted over the coming months as we organise follow up events all asking the vital question: How do we feed the planet, without it costing the earth?

WATCH: ‘The Milking Parlour’ : The Film here

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