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The ballots are in! (Drumroll please)

March 4, 2014

Grantee News From: Real Food Media:

This year, you helped us launch a whole new kind of project: a grassroots truth-telling platform where people submitted more than 150 powerful short movies, sharing their stories about the good and bad of our food system, as part of our Real Food Media Contest.

And these past few weeks, people around the world (from more than 40 countries!) watched and voted on the top submitted films. Over 100,000 viewers have put the spotlight on a stunning range of food and farming stories, and now we’re announcing the winners.

Watch the top films and congratulate the winners by spreading these inspiring stories far and wide!

The winning films are diverse in style, perspective, and place, but they share common themes at the core: revival of pride in farming as a way of life, resilience of rural communities and cities growing food sustainably, and renewal of respect for the labor and natural resources at the heart of food production.

The powerful winning films are streaming online now on Will you watch and share their stories?

Seen through the lens of the filmmakers, these stories illustrate the deep connections between all of us to our food, farmers, beekeepers, seeds and soil. Thank you for being a part of launching this project with us! We look forward to sharing more stories and taking on more food myths with you.

Happy watching!
Anna and the Food MythBusters team

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