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The Arctic is Paris – Climate Change Message

April 20, 2016

News From Kickstarters:

by Mel Chin

Short film connecting the Arctic, Paris, and the world, with poodles, and an Inuit hunter giving an urgent climate change message.

About this project

We are raising funds to complete the production of a short film, “The Arctic is Paris” (L’Arctique est Paris). Filming was done during the 2015 Climate Change convention (COP21) and after the Isis attacks. The film is a poignant message from Greenland delivered by an Inuit leader, as a witness to what has happened to his culture, and (in his opinion) will be happening to ours.

The film features Jens Danielsen from Qaanaaq, the northernmost town in Greenland, who came to Paris during the climate conference, and seven French poodles. Jens is an elite hunter from the top of the world; he represents indigenous Arctic people. He is a witness to the demise of sea ice and how it has affected his in-tact culture, their hunting traditions, their ability to survive, and where they go from here.

We have captured Parisian poodles dashing through a French garden path, pulling an Inuit sled and driver, Jens dragging the sled pass iconic Parisian landmarks, solemn images of places of mourning and memory after the violent terrorist attacks and the sonorous and sobering message from Jens: The Arctic is changing, his way of life is changing, and the extreme changes in climate will affect people around the world as clearly as the Inuit culture of northern Greenland is now being affected. We are not separate; we are connected.

Your donations will help put all these parts together. We are specifically raising funds to pay for the post production that will include translations into many languages, special effects, sound design, original musical composition and global distribution of the video. More>

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