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Tell Me How This Ends: An Iran War Simulation

October 26, 2012

Grantee News From Truman National Security Project:

We would love for you to play the simulation and tell us what you think:

Tell Me How This Ends is our attempt to bring to life the real ethical and practical challenges that foreign policy leaders face, and to illuminate the real repercussions of a war with Iran.  It will be a tool to spark public debate, and also a teaching tool within our own leadership development programs and, we hope, at universities across the country.

The scenario challenges players to deal with the aftermath of a decision to attack Iran, engaging the American people in an honest discussion of the likely repercussions of a war with Iran. The simulation was developed in close consultation with former senior Department of Defense officials and national security experts. It represents a realistic, if simplified, scenario for military engagement with Iran. The game is largely based upon the bipartisan Iran Project Report which details the costs and benefits of military conflict with Iran.

The game is named after General David Petraeus’s famous quote expressing the reality that wars are easy to start, but the end game is often far from clear.

As Janine Davidson, former Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Plans, has said, “The Truman Project has produced a valuable tool for honestly assessing the costs of war with Iran and communicating it to the American people. It’s a public debate we need to have if we’re going to avoid the mistakes of the past.”



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