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Summer of Our Power 2015

June 24, 2015

Grantee News From Our Power Campaign:

Summer of Power

Communities on the frontlines of the climate crisis are at the forefront of the struggle to create solutions that are healthy and equitable for both people and the planet—what we call a just transition. The Climate Justice Alliance’s Summer of Our Power launches today on the Summer Solstice in recognition of our interrelated, interdependent, and complementary relationship with Mother Earth. We envision a world:
In which everyone lives a good life by being in just and fair relationship with each other and within healthy, interdependent ecosystems.

That is based on a culture of sharing rather than hording; localized democracies rather than globalized exploitation; the Web of Life rather than the Chain of the Market.
That celebrates and honors the beauty and diversity of life and the rights of people to realize their full potential as creative beings.

Over the next two months, CJA’s Summer of Our Power will strengthen and build our movement for achieving this vision, with a focus on creating a just transition away from an economy based on extraction and exploitation. To kick off the summer, we’re launching our Just Transition Fellowship program this week in Jackson, Mississippi, and participating in the Southern People’s Movement Assembly, hosted by Cooperation Jackson.

The fellowship program is an important opportunity for our communities, our organizations and ourselves to build relationships with each other. Over the course of the fellowship, we’ll work together to amplify the voices of frontline communities uniting for a just transition.

We’re also launching a story-telling project that will uplift and make visible the important work being done in frontline communities across the U.S. There will be direct actions, community events, and workshops and political education regarding the Clean Power Plan, our energy democracy platform, and just transition principles and strategies. And we’re launching a special project to build the Our Power community–making a collective quilt that will come together through the month of August along three cross-country routes. Our “Quilt Relay” will conclude in the Gulf Coast region, where we will be in solidarity with frontline communities to commemorate the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina.

It takes roots to weather the storm of the Climate Crisis. Through the summer of our power, we’ll be building momentum for the important work we have before us on the Road to Paris, where we’ll join our efforts with the international community to demand that public officials at the United Nations climate convening create a just transition.

Be sure to connect with us through social media:

Twitter: @CJAourpower
Hashtag: #OurPowerSummer

We invite you to join your voices and actions with ours to create solutions that are good for people and the planet!

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