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Watch New 2 min Film ENGAGE Live Now

September 28, 2012

Grantee News From: The Moxie Institute

Our new 2-min film Engage premieres right now with you! Watch. Share. Let us Make One For You. Gratis.

Over the course of 6 months, we asked people from all over the world to send videos of themselves feeling their heartbeat and thinking about what it means. This is the film that unfolded….

How are you going to engage?

1. Share: Please post, share, tweet, and forward this film to your networks, and watch the ripple effects happen!

Sample Tweet & FB Post: Watch New 2 min film by Moxie Institute & @tiffanyshlain #LetItRipple

2. Tell us your ideas: After watching Engage, share with us the ways you engage in the world around you. Share your ideas here.

3. Translate: Engage has already been translated into Swahili, Spanish, French, Chinese, Arabic, Hindi, and Russian. Our last film, A Declaration of Interdependence, has been translated into 65 languages. Help Engage spread around the world through translation. Translate here.

4. Spread your message: Are you part of an organization working to inspire your community to action and make the world a better place? We will make a free film to help you.

One of the goals of Let it Ripple is not only to provide free media for inspiring organizations, but also to show how their work is interdependent. We’d love for you to join the 100 plus organizations that are using these films gratis.

The Let it Ripple series is a Moxie Institute production that puts the ideas covered in our feature documentary Connected into action. These films are collaborative — from their creation, to their translation, to their dissemination — using a new form of filmmaking that we call cloud filmmaking. Learn more in our Cloud Filmmaking Manifesto.

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