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Mentoring Program for Female Film Directors

June 1, 2015

Grantee News From Chicken and Egg Pictures:


Chicken & Egg Pictures is now accepting applications for our 2015 Open Call!

The deadline to submit is Wednesday, June 10, 2015 by 5pm EST. Applications are accepted through our website

This year’s Open Call marks the launch of a new initiative – Chicken & Egg Pictures’ Accelerator Lab, which is a mentorship program focused on identifying and supporting a diverse group of women nonfiction directors who are first- and second-time filmmakers. We aim to help them tell the most artful, powerful stories they can while building towards sustainable and successful careers.

Five first-time and five second-time feature documentary filmmakers will each receive a $35,000 grant toward the production of a film that will be developed and supported over the course of a 12-month program (with the possibility of an extension). The grant will be disbursed in two parts: the first part will be awarded in November 2015. The remaining grant will be tied to agreed-upon deliverables and deadlines.

Here are the key bullet points around eligibility:

•First- or second-time directors only (for films that have multiple directors, at least one must be a first- or second-timer)

•Films must be early in production, no more than 40% shot by the date of the application deadline

•Feature length films only (40 minutes or more)

And here are our basic guidelines, as a refresher:

•Films must be directed or co-directed by self-identifying women (cis or trans), gender nonconforming individuals, or a female/male co-directing partnership.

•Grants are available to documentary or hybrid documentary films.

•We fund filmmakers based in the U.S. and internationally.

•Subject Matter: We’re passionate about films that address the global justice, human rights, and environmental issues of our time, and while we do prioritize films that focus on social issues, having a social issue in the film is not explicitly required. Projects do not need to focus on women’s issues or female characters.

•Community: This program is geared toward filmmakers that have desire to be part of a vibrant community of shared ideas and mutual support, and the openness to receive and give peer-to-peer support.

Chicken & Egg Pictures is a project of Tides Center, the nation’s largest fiscal sponsor.

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