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Help to amplify L’Appel de Paris – the Paris Pledge for Action

December 15, 2015

News From the University of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL):

Image Paris Pledge

L’Appel de Paris / the Paris Pledge for Action  is ready to officially launch tomorrow, Wednesday 16 December. As previously indicated, this will happen with an advert in the international edition of the Financial Times, as well a social media campaign that we encourage you to be part of. The Paris Pledge for Action website, with the text and list of current signatories, will also be live in its entirety.

Please help amplify the L’Appel de Paris message and spread the word by:
1. Joining our Thunderclap: This is a coordinated social media push timed for Wednesday 16th 12.00 CET. You can lend your voice to amplify the pledge’s message from your Twitter or Facebook account. You may also wish to send the following tweets, and tweet cards, encouraging others to join the Thunderclap (Send Before 11:45 CET on Wednesday 16 December)

•  Join the Paris Pledge for Action Thunderclap to welcome the #ParisAgreement! #COP21 (PP4A Twitter Card)

•  Join cities, regions, investors & biz in welcoming #ParisAgreement w/ Paris Pledge! #COP21 (PP4A Twitter Card)

2. Using social media: You can send a direct message on Twitter or Facebook, (after the embargo lifts at 00:01 CET on 16 December) using the following suggested messages and tweet cards.

•Appel de Paris: Join cities, regions, investors & biz in welcoming #ParisAgreement (PP4A Twitter Card)

•  800 cities, regions & businesses have joined L’Appel de Paris. See who’s signed (PP4A Twitter Card Quote 1)

•  Biz, investors, regions & cities promise to implement the #ParisAgreement on #climatechange (PP4A Twitter Card Quote 2)

•  Cities, regions & biz representing 150m people & $ 11tn welcome the #ParisAgreement #COP21 (PP4A Twitter Card Quote 3)

•  Biz, investors, regions & cities pledge to implement the #ParisAgreement. Join them! #COP21 (PP4A Twitter Card Quote 4)

3. Issuing a Press Release: you might want to issue a press release to highlight your organisation’s support for Paris Agreement and your commitment to solving climate change. Here is an updated version of the press release template, based on the FT article, for your use.

4. Encouraging others to join L’Appel de Paris / the Paris Pledge for Action.
Should you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact
Thank you again for your support for this initiative.

Yours sincerely,

The Paris Pledge for Action Team

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