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Grant Amount: $50,000, on 5/2/2012

Cape Farewell believes that one salient image, novel, or song can speak louder than volumes of scientific data to engage public imagination. It takes artists and scientists on journeys to the world�s tipping points, leading to further research and the production of pioneering new work. These expeditions�to the high Arctic, the Amazon, and islands under threat of sea level rise�are the heart of the Cape Farewell portfolio. Each trip aims to evoke a cultural response to the true scale of how the earth�s environment and climate are changing. Major partnerships and projects this year include: Cynthia Hopkins and her avant-folk opera, �This Clement World;� exhibitions Carbon 12 in Paris, featuring Erika Blumenfeld, and Carbon 13 at Ballroom Marfa in Texas; Mel Chin and the Phytology Program in London; and Sea Change in the Scottish Isles.

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