General Support

Grant Amount: $50000, on 10/5/12

The Truman National Security Institute is dedicated to providing the skills, knowledge, and network to create an influential force of strong, smart, principled foreign policy leaders able to make the transformative decisions that will guide us to a peaceful and sustainable future. The Leadership Development Program recruits and fosters a network of rising policy stars, political leaders, and veterans, most of whom are under 45 years old. The Truman Institute provides in-depth leadership support that includes training on story-based communication strategies, advocating that only by connecting personal experience with policy can we communicate effectively about complex foreign policy and national security issues. These leaders go on to make an impact through the jobs they hold, the positions they help each other attain, and the opportunities given them to communicate and advocate through regional gatherings, an annual conference, policy briefings, dinner discussions with policy experts, and access to professional media outlets, blogs, and social media.

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