General Support

Grant Amount: $30000, on 10/5/12

Rebuild the Dream (RTD) is growing a grassroots movement to shift the narrative in this country to focus on what we used to call the American Dream. The American Dream has inspired many generations of Americans to work hard to attain a better life for themselves and their children. Unfortunately, we are watching the collapse of the dream as the cost of education goes up, good jobs become increasingly scarce, and homeownership becomes hopelessly out of reach for many. RTD’s 600,000 members are reinserting hope into the conversation by building a movement for economic justice that engages Americans’ hearts. A 2012 grant from the Compton Foundation will allow RTD to link more intentionally with grassroots artists, creative writers, musicians, and celebrities in order to reach people who do not usually participate in the political process, and to encourage them to raise their voices on the subjects of economic justice, fairness, and the American Dream.

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