General Support

Grant Amount: $40000, on 10/18/12

Artist Amy Franceschini employs a variety of media, including dynamic websites, installations, open-access laboratories, and traveling shows, that challenge our assumptions about the world around us, both real and imagined. Her pieces highlight routines in daily life as ways to participate in activism and sustainable practices, often connected to food and agriculture. Committed to collaboration in her work, she founded the art collective Futurefarmers in 1995. Futurefarmers is a design studio of diverse practitioners–artists, researchers, designers, architects, illustrators, scientists, and farmers–who believe that ”art can contribute to the envisioning and activating of a more just world,” and are committed to making work that can catalyze social and environmental change. A grant to Futurefarmers will support a series of projects joined by the idea of learning through doing, connecting the mind and the hand in co-creation, under the umbrella title of Knowledge by Hand.

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