General Support

Grant Amount: $50000, on 10/5/12

Advocates for Youth champions young people’s rights to honest sexual health information, confidential sexual health services, and the social and economic opportunities that lead to healthy lives. Staff provide information, training, and assistance to youth-serving organizations, policy makers, youth activists, and the media in the US and in the Global South. Advocates advances a philosophy of rights, respect, and responsibility. This philosophy underpins its efforts to shift the societal paradigm from fear, shame, and denial towards acceptance that sexuality is a normal, healthy part of being human and that young people, when given respect and all of the tools they need, will take personal responsibility for their sexual health and rights. Central to Advocates’ identity is its authentic partnership with young people, including a youth-infused staff and board. A general support grant in 2012 will help Adovcates expand its engagement, training, and support of young leaders.

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