General Support

Grant Amount: $50000, on 10/5/12 fights climate change. It aims to unite a global movement behind the goal of reducing the concentration of carbon dioxide in our atmosphere below 350 parts per million. The organization has built a network of 600,000 supporters and 1,000 partner organizations in 180 countries and launched some of the largest mobilizations in the planet’s history. A general support grant in 2012 will fund an ambitious organizing campaign across college campuses to catalyze a new wave of climate activism and leadership: the Do The Math tour.’s domestic work will lead up to an international summit in March of 2013, bringing together climate activists from more than 50 countries to train them to convene large national summits back home. With this project, seeks to build an unprecedented level of political pressure for climate action’a massive and sustained effort that can disrupt the status quo and capture public imagination.

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