A Catalogue of Extinct Experience

Grant Amount: $35,000, on 6/7/2012

A Catalogue of Extinct Experience (CEE) is a multi-media, large-scale sensory installation of experiences extinct or endangered due to human carelessness. It will open on a small �maquette� scale at the Presidio in San Francisco in the fall of 2012 and then in its full form at Fort Mason in the fall of 2013. The essence of CEE is experiential: tasting honey made by endangered bees from endangered plants, smelling a fragrance or seeing a color derived from endangered plants, taking in the night sky uncompromised by bright city lights, hearing an extinct language from its last speaker, hearing the sounds of extinct and endangered habitats. Because it is experiential, each visitor will bring their own associations and memories to the installation, ultimately realizing the consequences of the choices we make. http://onthecommons.org/

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