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Organization Project Date Grant Amount
Split This Rock Eco-Justice Poetry Project 7/26/17 $20,000
Sundance Institute Documentary Film Program General Support 5/31/17 $50,000
Tara Health Foundation US Reproductive Health Investment Case 5/31/17 $30,000
the bomb / Women Make Movies General Support 3/31/17 $20,000
Truman Center for National Policy Developing Tomorrow’s Leaders: Women in Peace and Security 4/24/17 $100,000
Truman Center for National Policy General Support 7/26/17 $150,000/3 years
UltraViolet General Support for Reproductive Rights Program 10/11/17 $50,000
URGE General Support 5/31/17 $50,000
US Civil Society Working Group on Women, Peace, and Security Maintaining US Leadership on the Women, Peace, and Security Agenda 4/24/17 $100,000
US Department of Arts and Culture / Prime Produce Ltd. General Support 3/31/17 $30,000
Warscapes ‘Mediterranean: Reflections on the Refugee Crisis’ 5/31/17 $5,000
Win Without War / Center for International Policy General Support 7/26/17 $50,000
WomanStats/Texas A&M University Women, Peace, and Security in the Heartland: Leadership, Research, Education 10/11/17 $100,000/2 years
Women Cross DMZ / Peace Development Fund Northeast Asia Women's Peace and Security Roundtable 7/26/17 $10,000

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Center for International Policy

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Progressive Global Strategy Project

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