Leadership Grant Highlights

Transformative Leadership

We believe that the most effective leaders focus not only on strategizing, organizing, and campaigning, but also on personal relationships. Success in creating a more just and sustainable world will require emotional authenticity in addition to intellectual analysis, and the courage to lead morally, as well as politically. The leaders (and the institutions that support them) with whom we will engage are driven by a strong sense of social purpose and have a searing passion for making a difference. As leaders, they are able to craft and communicate a compelling vision of the future, translate that vision into clear strategies and achievable goals, build community, and adapt flexibly to shifting contexts for their work. They take risks. Not only do they respect and embrace diverse voices, they are also able to work across boundaries to find agreement around shared goals.

A description of grants we have made this year in Leadership can be found below.  Read about what we support for more information.

2016 Grants
2020 Climate Fund/New Venture Fund General Support $90,000
A one-time seed grant to the 2020 Climate Fund will help leverage additional capital to fill a critical gap in the battle to address the climate crisis: building the public and political will to act. The fund seeks to: 1) mobilize grassroots advocacy that can advance policy solutions at the local, state, and federal levels that will reduce greenhouse gases while enabling low-income Americans to reap economic benefits from the transition to a modernized, healthier, and efficient economy; 2) raise the visibility of climate as an election issue and advance a narrative around climate change and economic justice as a mandate for policy change; and 3) build the capacity of place-based organizations working in communities of color that are impacted by the effects of climate change directly or economically. To that end, it will drive greater investment in grassroots organizations to conduct community education, legislative advocacy and outreach, and civic engagement in a select number of states.


350.org General Support $150,000/3 years
In the second year of its three-year general support grant, 350.org will continue building the climate movement in the US and abroad. This work will include expanding and strengthening the fossil fuel divestment campaign to weaken the power of the fossil fuel industry; fighting extreme energy projects, such as tar sands and fracking, through the Fossil Freeze and Keep it in the Ground campaigns; organizing mobilizations; and continuing to spread the word about climate change through creative communications work.


Advocates for Youth General Support $100,000/2 years
Advocates for Youth builds the sexual health, rights, and justice movement by engaging thousands of diverse young people and creating a youth pipeline for movement leadership roles. In the second year of its two-year grant, Advocates will continue to cultivate its 75,000-strong Youth Activist Network; provide hundreds of opportunities for action; train 2,000 young people to mobilize their peers; nurture 150 to drive policy shifts; and build the skills of activist alumni as they become social justice leaders. Advocates will also continue its storytelling efforts through the 1 in 3 Campaign, which seeks to transform the abortion narrative by collecting and sharing stories, primarily on college campuses, to highlight that one in three women will have an abortion in her lifetime, aiming to build a culture of empathy that can underpin the field's legal and policy work.


All Access Coalition / NARAL Pro-Choice America All Access Day of Action Post-Event Debrief $30,000
The All Access Day of Action was the most ambitious collaboration undertaken by a coalition of reproductive justice and rights groups since 2004. Over 100 organizations created a culturally-centered day of action in 35 cities, working to mobilize the 7 in 10 Americans who support access to legal abortion. A grant from Compton will support a debrief convening to allow groups involved to explore what made All Access a success and what lessons were learned along the way, setting the stage for more and better coalition work in the future, and leveraging the momentum of these events to engage participants as long-term abortion access supporters.


Alliance for Peacebuilding General Support $150,000/3 years
The world is changing in ways that require dynamic systems of peacebuilding. Global institutions and governments are recognizing that established approaches to peace and security are no longer adequate, and intricate challenges such as cross-border violence, cycles of terrorism, violent extremism, and climate-related conflict are not amenable to linear solutions. The peacebuilding field is also changing, with rapid growth and increased integration across sectors. The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) serves as a hub for networks and innovation in the peacebuilding field to meet these challenges. AfP’s “Peacebuilding 3.0” operating framework defines its role as a network leader, and in the second year of its three-year grant, it will continue to emphasize creative solutions to the complex nature of global problems; pioneer cross-sector work, including in neuroscience and business; find new ways to measure the impact of peacebuilding; and build new constituencies for peace.


Asian Pacific Environmental Network Climate Equity Advisory Project $50,000
Climate equity—in which communities carrying the biggest burden of pollution from the fossil fuel industry benefit the most from climate solutions—is a moral imperative. It is also a strategic one, as it will garner the broadest and deepest public support for climate policies that truly address the crisis. California is setting the pace and standard nationally for addressing the climate crisis in an equitable way. A one-time grant to the Asian Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) will allow California climate equity leaders to share their policy and organizing expertise with economic justice and environmental organizations working across the country on the community and national level. With that help, these organizations will be able to engage more powerfully in the development and implementation of climate policy in their home states, and can build long-term capacity and movements for equitable climate


Beyond the Choir/Commonwealth Foundation Progressive Veterans Leadership Institute $50,000
Beyond the Choir’s (BTC) Progressive Veterans Leadership Institute cultivates the leadership skills of post-9/11 veterans by training them in narrative strategy, public speaking, and campaigning skills. During the 2016 elections, BTC will train and deploy veterans to campaign events where they can hold candidates to account for their foreign policy positions, put an antiwar narrative back in the spotlight, and develop media skills. As BTC and its veteran partners advance a progressive foreign policy debate in the election, the organization will also build toward its longer-term vision: training veterans to become lifelong leaders who can imbue progressive movements with a strong, intersectional analysis that links domestic social justice issues to a progressive peace and security policy agenda.


Bold Alliance / NEBRASKA EASEMENT ACTION TEAM General Support $75,000
A seed grant to the Bold Alliance will help build a network of “small and mighty” groups across the middle of the country that are fighting fossil fuels and are often overlooked by traditional environmental organizations. Many communities in rural states are deeply committed to the protection of land and water, and pipelines, fracking, mining, coal trains, and other fossil fuel development threaten their landscapes and livelihoods. The Alliance fights risky fossil fuel projects, protects landowners against eminent domain abuse, and works for clean energy solutions, all while building an engaged base of citizens who care about the land, water, and climate change. Since 2010, Bold Nebraska has been bringing family farmers, ranchers, and Tribal Nations together to successfully oppose the Keystone XL pipeline and articulate an alternative clean energy future. A grant in 2016 will help expand the Bold model throughout the Midwest and the South, supporting similar groups in Nebraska, Iowa, Louisiana, and Oklahoma initially, and adding states on the frontlines over the next few years. Bold amplifies the diverse voices advocating for a just transition that have been largely absent from the national climate debate.


Center for Climate and Security / Sustainable Markets Foundation General Support $50,000
Climate change is a strategically significant security risk that will affect all basic resources, from food to water to energy. Security communities, including militaries and intelligence agencies, understand these risks, and are taking meaningful actions to address them. However, progress in comprehensively preventing, preparing for, adapting to, and mitigating these risks also requires that policymakers, thought leaders, and the public take them seriously. The Center for Climate and Security (CCS), guided by a distinguished advisory board of military, security, and foreign policy experts, works toward a climate-resilient international security field, one that recognizes climate change threats as significant and unprecedented, and acts to address those threats in a manner commensurate to their scale, consequence, and probability. A 2016 Compton grant will support CCS to facilitate policy development processes and dialogues, conduct research and analysis, and act as a resource hub in the climate and security field.


Center for Health and Gender Equity Crossing Borders and Sectors: A 12-Point Plan for Bold Action $30,000
For the last two years, the Center for Health and Gender Equity (CHANGE) has been cultivating relationships across sectors to encourage collaboration among advocacy organizations working at home and abroad on issues like sexual and reproductive rights, HIV/AIDS, and women, peace, and security. This year, building on those relationships, CHANGE will lead a cross-sector effort calling for bold leadership from the next US president for women and girls around the world. In the short-term, CHANGE will organize leadership from multiple advocacy sectors to develop a 12-point action plan for women and girls globally, which they will unveil in the second week of November. CHANGE and its partners will use the plan as an advocacy tool to influence the new administration and as an organizing tool. In the long-term, CHANGE will work to build a smarter, more effective movement advancing the rights of women and girls across sectors.


Center for International Policy Progressive Global Strategy Project $50,000
The Progressive Global Strategy Project (PGSP) seeks to build a stronger US activist base for progressive global values and advocacy. This year, it will continue to bring together organizations and leaders across the progressive movement to develop and implement new ways to support diverse US initiatives for globalism. PGSP will build leadership teams and working structures; create a hub to support disparate sectors to take action together; and begin to create a common language and commitment to action for progressive US globalism. PGSP aims to promote a new conversation about the US role in the world; increase coordination with international allies; and deepen US engagement in global issues.
Citizen Engagement Lab Education Fund Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN-US) $40,000
OPEN-US cultivates relationships among advocacy groups that harness technology to bring large-scale, rapid-response, grassroots support and political attention to causes like economic equality, ecological health, racial and gender justice, and civil liberties. OPEN-US allows those groups to work together to improve how they measure their work, diversify the campaigning talent pool, coordinate campaigns, and solve other challenges. Its process includes an annual three-day summit, year-round collaboration meetings, gatherings at national conferences, and the new Kairos Fellowship, which trains young people of color in digital organizing. A renewal grant will support its work to build the capacity of the organizations in the OPEN-US network to work together to maximize their impact.


Climate Justice Alliance / Movement Strategy Center General Support $50,000
The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is a unique coalition of 41 community organizations, movement networks, and support organizations on the frontlines of the climate crisis. Its members represent vital constituencies in a growing movement demanding bold action by governments and industry to confront climate change. CJA’s constituencies are rooted in Indigenous, African American, Latino, Asian Pacific Islander, and poor white communities. Despite limited resources, environmental justice communities have effectively used grassroots organizing, networking, and direct action strategies to win significant victories against polluting industries. A 2016 grant will help support CJA’s Our Power Campaign—a national effort uniting communities to demand a Just Transition from an economy dependent on fossil fuels, extraction, and dirty industries to a new economy that will reduce greenhouse gas emissions at the source, restore equity, and put decision-making in the hands of communities.


Climate Solutions West Coast Climate Campaign $50,000
Climate Solutions and its partners in the West Coast Climate Campaign are working to achieve major policy breakthroughs in Oregon and Washington. During the past two years, the campaign has built broad, diverse coalitions in order to win and protect climate and clean energy policies that will cap and price carbon emissions and accelerate a just transition away from fossil fuels in the energy and transportation sectors. If successful, the coalition will dramatically cut climate pollution; phase out coal; build a strong clean energy economy; establish working, replicable models of state climate solutions; and use the leverage of its region’s size to drive large-scale climate action at the national and global levels. The West Coast region can be the point of departure from the fossil-fueled past, and a proof point for the clean energy future.


Coalition for Abortion Access and Reproductive Equity (CAARE) / New Venture Fund All* Above All $150,000/3 years
The Coalition for Abortion Access and Reproductive Equity (CAARE) is a robust network of 50 national and 40 state organizations in the fields of health, youth advocacy, reproductive justice, and social justice, working together to expand access to abortion for those who face the highest barriers: low-income women, women of color, and young women. CAARE houses the All* Above All campaign, which unites organizations and individuals to build support for lifting the bans that deny abortion coverage. The second year of this three-year grant will support CAARE as it works to restore and sustain affordable abortion coverage, especially through Medicaid, by mobilizing supporters to educate policymakers, conducting state organizing efforts with local partners to protect current state-level coverage and demonstrate support for expansion, educating policymakers at the federal level about the harms of current funding bans, and carrying out movement-building activities to engage allies in other social justice movements.


CoreAlign / New Venture Fund General Support $150,000/3 years
Attacks on women's reproductive rights and services are at an all-time high, and the current network of reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations has been challenged to work proactively together to respond. CoreAlign recognizes the untapped potential in the reproductive movement and works to fill the gaps in the movement's vision, culture, and strategy. Now in the second year of a three-year grant, CoreAlign will work to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation, deepening its focus on regional-level organizing and network building in the southern and central parts of the country and expanding its leadership development programs. CoreAlign will enhance the capacity and skill of leaders to craft and test long-term movement strategies and will develop and deploy coaching, tools, and infrastructure to help smaller and mid-size organizations build political power.


Demos Harnessing the Climate-Economy Nexus for Racial Equity $40,000
Demos works to ensure equity in the American economy and democracy. New to the climate space, Demos is designing a multi-year project to galvanize and empower the growing movement for racial justice and equity in the emerging clean economy transformation with research, policy development, advocacy, and strategic communications. A 2016 planning grant will support the organization to develop its climate partnerships and map out its strategy and niche.


DEPLOY/US / Consensus Building Institute General Support $40,000
DEPLOY/US works with influential military, business, and conservative faith leaders and conservative political influencers to advance a shared goal of comprehensive national climate and energy policy. In 2015, they completed stakeholder consultations and convened a group of senior advisors. The leaders decided to focus on building conservative demand for policy solutions by coordinating messaging to the public, to members of Congress, and in key states. A 2016 grant will support the team to solidify engagement of the business sector; implement priority actions, including exploring opportunities to coordinate cross-sector outreach to members of Congress; and hold the first military, business, and faith national dialogue to expand the network and strategic communications plan.


Energy Action Coalition #SpringForward: State Strategy Summits - "Planting Seeds and Growing Power" $50,000
In the Spring of 2016, students and young leaders in key states across the country will come together under the umbrella of #SpringForward to lay the groundwork for building long-term movements to shift the political climate and activate a critical mass of the public to demand systemic changes on state and national levels. Compton funding will help US Climate Plan, GameChanger Labs, and Energy Action Coalition work with groups around the country to support these state strategy summits, which will bring youth leaders together to build relationships, develop a shared understanding of their state’s political landscape, and create strategies to shift public consciousness around climate and achieve bold climate policy wins in their state. The partners believe that sustainable movements emerge from strong, coordinated networks of empowered individuals; these state climate strategy summits are an important first step in that direction.

wearepowershift.org/, www.usclimateplan.org

Energy Action Coalition / US Climate Plan / Gamechanger Labs Building a More Impactful National Youth Climate Justice Movement $75,000
After successful #SpringForward State Strategy Summits with young people in twelve states, US Climate Plan, Gamechanger Labs, and Energy Action Coalition are continuing their partnership. With a grant from Compton, they will build on the foundation laid this spring to host a summer youth organizing retreat for attendees of the SpringForward summits. The summer retreat will lead into regional Power Shift convenings, which, for nearly 10 years, have served as a way to infuse the youth climate movement with a new cohort of young climate activists that can then plug into state campaigns. The 2016 Power Shifts will also be a place for folks to get involved in non-partisan voter engagement efforts that will take place throughout the fall. This sequence of deepening engagement, collective strategizing, and organizing training is designed to support sustainable long-term movement building for 2016 and beyond.


Every Voice Center General Support $100,000/2 years
Every Voice Center believes that a more just, equitable society that treats every one of us with dignity and fairness begins with an inclusive and expansive democracy. Its vision is of a government genuinely of, by, and for all our people, a government that promotes economic opportunity and well being for all, a government not just for the wealthy and well-connected but for all of us —a government in which every voice is heard. The organization promotes small donor democracy solutions designed to significantly reduce the impact of big money in politics at the federal, state, and local levels and to ensure that the people of our country have control over their democracy and their governing institutions. The vast majority of Americans believe the current democratic system is broken and corrupt. A second year of Compton support will help Every Voice overcome that cynicism with strategic and winnable democracy reform campaigns.


Forward Together General Support $150,000/3 years
Forward Together builds the base of support for reproductive justice issues by uniting grassroots organizations across the country around what families really need to be strong, and working with community leaders and organizations to transform culture and policy to catalyze social change. Since it launched in 2010, its Strong Families initiative has grown into a powerful network of well over 100 member organizations from multiple social justice sectors. It connects reproductive issues with lived experience--including pay equity, health care, immigration, and environmental justice--demonstrating that a more inclusive, creative, and positive approach to addressing reproductive justice issues produces concrete results in policy and culture change. A second year of support will fund its continued efforts to develop strong leaders, build networks across communities, and implement innovative campaigns.


Forward Together Stepping into Power $25,000
Forward Together is launching Stepping into Power, a fellowship program for women, transgender, and gender non-conforming people of color leaders in the reproductive justice movement. A 2016 rapid-response grant will support two critical components of the new program. First, vocal activist Melanie DeMoore will integrate music and rhythm into the curriculum as a way for the fellows to build community with one another, bring their whole selves to their leadership, and align and coordinate their movement-building efforts. Second, a photographer will take “power pose” headshots that capture the bold, courageous, and tenacious energy of each individual leader, countering the images that women, transgender, and gender non-conforming people of color often see of themselves in the mainstream culture and media.


Front & Centered / Latino Community Fund of Washington State General Support $50,000
Front and Centered is a coalition of more than 60 communities of color-led organizations with a combined reach of than 100,000 people throughout Washington State. A renewal grant from Compton will support Front and Centered in its work to ensure that state policies addressing climate change and other environmental concerns center issues of equity. Over the next year, the coalition’s priorities will be capacity-building, to create a stronger, more sustainable organizational structure; outreach, to expand its coalition and create new partnerships; pursuing new opportunities to create an equitable state climate policy; and movement-building, to create a more diverse, inclusive, and effective environmental movement in Washington State.


Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health and Rights Rockwood Fellowship for Leaders in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice $100,000/2 years
The Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health and Rights has partnered with the Rockwood Leadership Institute to create a leadership training program for reproductive health, rights, and justice advocates. Rockwood programs raise the capacity of individual leaders, their organizations, and the broad networks of policy, organizing, and service in which they work. This project will strengthen the reproductive health, rights, and justice field by providing opportunities for individual leadership skills practice, relationship building, authentic dialogue, and partnership. Over the course of three year-long cohorts, a total of 70 leaders will acquire the concrete skills required for strong 21st century leadership and collaboration. A two-year grant will support the program through its conclusion.

fundersnet.org, rockwoodleadership.org

Greenpeace Fund Strengthening our Democracy to Protect our Planet $50,000
With a global climate movement growing in numbers and influence, we are at a pivot point where we may at last break free of our reliance on fossil fuels and invest in a clean energy future. However, the perversion of the democratic system in the US buoys the fossil fuel industry, even as its business model becomes ever more antiquated and economically risky. The climate movement therefore must engage in a range of tactics to erode industry power and restore our democracy. To this end, with Compton support this year, Greenpeace will undertake linked initiatives geared toward: 1) exposing the financial, social, and political risk of investing in fossil fuels; 2) expanding and diversifying the climate movement in the US, deepening ties with those working to reform our democracy; and 3) changing narratives around the fossil fuel industry, explicitly linking its influence to the erosion of democratic processes and emphasizing its culpability in exacerbating the climate crisis.


Institute for Integrated Transitions General Support $150,000/3 years
The Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) is the first NGO dedicated to the integration of policymaking in the areas of democracy, development, rule of law, and security in contexts of transition out of conflict or repression. IFIT aims to fill a significant gap in the current international system: the absence of an independent expert research and advisory group to support national actors on the challenges of setting priorities and policies in times of transition. IFIT provides hands-on consulting to national and international actors, as well as resource guides and original research. In the second year of a three-year grant, IFIT will scale up its staff, establish “practice groups” of expert advisors to build out its engagement capacity, publish new and ongoing research, and engage more deeply in new countries.


Movement Generation / Movement Strategy Center General Support $40,000
Movement Generation (MG) inspires and engages in transformative action towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture. Rooted in vibrant social movements and led by low-income communities and communities of color, MG is committed to a just transition away from profit and pollution and toward healthy, resilient, and life-affirming local economies. Its work is rooted in the belief that by bringing ourselves into right relationship with seeds, soil, each other, and the ecosystems that hold us, we can create a better way forward. Compton 2016 funding will enable MG's ongoing work providing strategy support to a range of partner organizations, leading trainings and retreats, creating popular culture that advances climate justice, and engaging directly on just transition projects across the country.


Movement Strategy Center General Support $50,000
Incremental change strategies are inadequate in the face of rapidly accelerating climate disruption and growing inequality. In response, Movement Strategy Center (MSC) helps leaders to develop transformative practices and strategies that can meet those challenges. Its work is grounded in four elements: leading with audacious vision and bold purpose; deeply embodying the values at the heart of the vision; building radical and deep community around the vision; and using those tools to strategically navigate toward the future. A renewal grant will support MSC’s workshops, incubation of new projects, and coaching.


NEO Philanthropy Social Transformation Project $80,000/2 years
The Social Transformation Project (STP) convenes and supports networks of cross-movement leaders, breaking down silos, increasing leadership capacity, encouraging self-organization, and fostering learning and experimentation. It provides movement leaders with methodology, tools, and practices to work for individual, organizational, and societal change. STP's methodologies are open-source and available online, and it trains other consultants in its systems approach so that they can support progressive leaders and organizations to integrate transformative practices in service of increased impact. In the second year of a two-year grant, STP will continue to coach leaders strategizing at the intersections of movements and experimenting with new ways of working together.


Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN) / CEL Education Fund General Support $40,000
A 2016 grant will support the Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN) to strengthen nationally focused, multi-issue digital organizing and its role in creating lasting and powerful support for peace and national security. OPEN is a global network of digitally facilitated, domestically focused progressive advocacy organizations. Since its founding in 2013, OPEN has grown to span five continents and 16 countries and counting, with five to ten additional organizations in the pre-launch process. The network fosters learning, solidarity, and collaboration among its members, and pioneers practical models for increasing power, maximizing scarce resources, and spreading innovation. Being connected to other organizations around the world allows domestic organizations to think and act globally and accelerates the growth curve for people-powered progressive movements around the world.


Oregon Environmental Council West Coast Climate Campaign $60,000
Under the banner of the West Coast Climate Campaign, the Oregon Environmental Council, Washington Environmental Council, and the Better World Group in California are each leading diverse state-level coalitions of business, labor, communities of color, faith and other stakeholders that are advocating for a suite of public policy reforms to address climate change. This grant will facilitate their work in 2016 to broaden and deepen those coalitions as a core strategy toward securing, implementing, and defending rigorous climate policies (e.g., cap and invest programs, clean fuels and renewable energy standards, clean-to-coal initiatives). It will also facilitate the campaigns’ close coordination on a regional level to share strategic resources and connections, effective messaging and strategies, and lessons learned.


Pentagon Budget Campaign / Center for Arms Control and Nonproliferation General Support $50,000
The Pentagon Budget Campaign is a trans-partisan experiment with an ambitious goal: to help bring about a significant long-term reduction in Pentagon spending by promoting an alternative vision of the military’s role in US national security. The Campaign works through a variety of grassroots and grasstops avenues across the political spectrum to infuse this new vision into national policy. A renewal grant will support the Campaign’s continued work to assert that there are smart, politically viable positions on defense that include a slimmed-down Pentagon budget.


People’s Action Institute Developing Mid-Range Climate Justice Agendas for States $50,000
Building on its work on the Clean Power Plan, the national staff, network affiliates, and allies of the People’s Action Institute (fka National People’s Action) will partner to craft ambitious, comprehensive five- to eight-year plans for climate justice in ten states. In order to shift what climate justice work is politically feasible, the climate movement needs to operate from mid-range agendas that can alter which ideas and which people govern each state. These mid-range agendas will provide a strategic framework for organizing on the state level, inspiring and aligning People’s Action constituents and partners, moving folks from defense to offense on issues of climate justice, and helping to further the process of a “Just Transition” toward a sustainable economy. These state Climate Justice Plans will be shaped by the health, environmental, and economic interests of low-income communities and communities of color in each state.


Proteus Fund Piper Fund $200,000/2 years
The Proteus Fund advances justice through democracy, human rights, and peace. Proteus focuses on tailored grantmaking initiatives that are responsive, have high impact, and integrate support for lobbying activity. Since 1997, its Piper Fund initiative has partnered with foundations and individual donors to invest in, and serve as a resource to, efforts to develop cutting-edge strategies to curb corporate and special interest financial influence on politics, secure judicial independence, and protect our democracy. A second year of general support in 2016 will allow Piper to continue challenging field and movement leaders to be more strategic through grantmaking that addresses movement-level communications needs, state and local policy work, and the essential task of growing the movement to limit corporate political power. Since its inception, Piper has awarded more than $27 million in grants for this work, including over $3.6 million to 40 organizations in 2015.


Reinvest In Our Power / Fund for Democratic Communities General Support $80,000
Reinvest in Our Power is a coordinated national grassroots effort that seeks to ensure a just transition by building democratic, just, and ecologically sustainable economies in the communities hardest hit by the extractive economy. It bridges the gap between the fossil fuel divestment movement and frontline communities that have been directly impacted by the history of extractive investment in destructive industries. A one-time seed grant will support its work to build local, non-extractive, revolving loan funds. The funds will aggregate together as a financial cooperative that will be able to absorb dollars divested from fossil fuels and turn them toward funding projects that generate ecological and economic benefits in those frontline communities. The new financial structures and projects will be tied to just transition movement campaigns to change the rules to shift energy, food, waste, transit, housing, and ecosystem management toward regenerative systems.


Responsible Endowments Coalition General Support $40,000
The Responsible Endowments Coalition (REC) was founded in 2004 to organize and facilitate campaigning on college campuses that makes endowments a force for positive social, economic, and environmental change. Since then, REC has trained over 6,000 students in organizing and the intricacies of endowment finance and management, helped them move more than $5 million of endowment capital into community investments, and supported their work to move millions more into other environmentally and socially responsible investments, working on issues as varied as climate change, racial justice, and student debt. A 2016 grant will support REC’s campaign priorities for the upcoming school year, which include strengthening fossil fuel divestment campaigns on campus and with alumni, working with students to reinvest endowments in clean energy, supporting a collaborative project to encourage university investment in cooperative community ventures and climate solutions, and building a network of fiduciary climate leaders.


Rockwood Leadership Institute General Support $150,000/3 years
Rockwood provides powerful and effective training in transformative and collaborative leadership to individuals, organizations, and networks. Rockwood's approach is grounded in the concept of “leading from the inside out,” integrating reflective and mindful practices in all its programs. In addition to building individual leadership skills, Rockwood programs facilitate opportunities for cohorts of leaders to build trust and develop mutually supportive approaches to advance their fields in both sector-specific and cross-sector groups. Rockwood has built a diverse network of more than 5,000 alumni (more than 50% are leaders of color), making it the nation's largest provider of multi-day leadership trainings for the nonprofit community. The second year of a three-year grant from Compton will help Rockwood continue to grow its network and programs.


Search for Common Ground Converting Evidence of Impact into Policy Relevance: Inception Phase $50,000
With a grant from Compton, Search for Common Ground will launch a new program to convene its global network of partners to demonstrate the relevance and credibility of peacebuilding responses to violent conflict. Designed to leverage its experience supporting civilian-led solutions to violent conflict around the world, the program will help the field achieve a new level of recognition, respect, and support. The goal is to mobilize more popular buy-in, support, and demand for the inclusive, non-violent, and collaborative approaches developed in the peacebuilding field, as well as to compel policymakers to integrate perspectives and processes from this field into their policy-making and resource-allocation decisions.


State Voices General Support $35,000
State Voices is a national network of state-based coalitions working year-round to create a more accessible, inclusive, and representative democracy by engaging marginalized and underrepresented communities and building the political might of their organizations and leaders. Twenty state "tables"--comprised of almost 800 grassroots organizations--build power through coordinated planning and campaigns, shared resources, data-driven accountability, and leadership development. A 2016 renewal grant to State Voices will support its work as the backbone of state-level civic engagement and movement-building.


Truman Center for National Policy General Support $150,000/3 years
The Truman Center for National Policy houses the Truman Fellows, a nationwide network of 1,500 political and civil society leaders committed to progressive national security. That community’s work is informed by its new, consensus-based policy platform, “the Framework,” which identifies global security challenges and opportunities and suggests practical policy solutions at the local, state, and national level. Truman’s members contributed policy and research to the framework, and will drive the changes it suggests—from crafting and implementing policy at the federal and state levels to supporting progressive candidates for government positions. In the second year of its three-year grant, Truman will continue to invest in next-generation leadership: training and building its network, supporting its 16 regional chapters, backing young progressives in office, and empowering its members with the communications training and support they need to amplify their message across the country.


UltraViolet UltraViolet Reproductive Rights Program $50,000
UltraViolet is a community of more than one million women and men who take action and stand up to fight sexism and expand women’s rights. UltraViolet works to create a cultural shift toward a world where women have full reproductive rights and full access to healthcare. A renewal grant will support UltraViolet to continue to run accountability and educational campaigns and to continue to expand its base of activists across the country. UltraViolet will use strategies like rapid response, education, media accountability and organizing, and policy change to push forward an agenda that increases reproductive health and freedom for women and girls across the country.


URGE (fka Choice USA) General Support $50,000
Founded in 1992, Unite for Reproductive & Gender Equity (URGE; formerly Choice USA) mobilizes and trains the upcoming generation of leaders promoting and protecting reproductive choice. URGE is building a base of activists through campus chapter networks in Texas, Ohio, Kansas, Georgia, Alabama, and California, and organizing them to take action through its campaigns. It emphasizes advocacy and leadership development throughout all of its programming, and prepares its young activists for leadership roles in the reproductive justice field. URGE envisions a world where all people have agency over their own bodies and relationships and the political power, knowledge, and tools to exercise that agency. A 2016 grant will help URGE engage young people in creating and leading the way to sexual and reproductive justice for all by providing training, field mobilization, and national leadership for a youth-driven agenda.


US Climate Action Network The People's Climate Movement $30,000
The People's Climate Movement (PCM) is a groundbreaking group of organizations, sectors, and constituency groups working collectively to encourage leaders to deliver bold action to address climate change, and to ensure that programs and policies to address it are rooted in economic and racial justice. The PCM launched from the group that coordinated the planning of the initial 2014 People's Climate March in New York City. The group believes that change is accomplished by mobilizing large numbers of people to mold the political conditions and public narrative around climate change, creating momentum for the large-scale action needed to address it. Regardless of who wins the presidency or holds the majorities in Congress, the PCM will show up in Washington, DC in large numbers in April 2017 to demand urgent, just action on the climate crisis. This significant show of people power will set the stage for advocates to push strong climate action throughout the first year of the next Administration.


Win Without War general Support $50,000
Win Without War is a coalition of national organizations with diverse constituencies that seek a more progressive national security and foreign policy for America. Building upon over a decade of national security issue advocacy, Win Without War has created a unique network of progressive, grassroots-based organizations and bi-partisan Congressional allies. A 2016 grant from Compton will help Win Without War further grow its direct advocacy, strategic communications, and policy translation work, so it can provide key services and leadership to the broader movement working for a more peaceful American foreign policy.


Women Effect / Criterion Institute General Support $30,000
A Compton grant will support the launch of Women Effect, a global community of investors and philanthropists who believe that investing in women and girls is smart, leads to positive returns for investors, and creates better social and economic outcomes for everyone. As an online and offline community, Women Effect will work to amplify the connections between individuals and institutions and across networks, creating the space to learn, share and collaborate and co-invest with peers.


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Innovation & Impact Program

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