Leadership Grant Highlights

Transformative Leadership

We believe that the most effective leaders focus not only on strategizing, organizing, and campaigning, but also on personal relationships. Success in creating a more just and sustainable world will require emotional authenticity in addition to intellectual analysis, and the courage to lead morally, as well as politically. The leaders (and the institutions that support them) with whom we will engage are driven by a strong sense of social purpose and have a searing passion for making a difference. As leaders, they are able to craft and communicate a compelling vision of the future, translate that vision into clear strategies and achievable goals, build community, and adapt flexibly to shifting contexts for their work. They take risks. Not only do they respect and embrace diverse voices, they are also able to work across boundaries to find agreement around shared goals.

A description of grants we have made this year in Leadership can be found below.  Read about what we support for more information.

2020 Grants
350.org General Support $375,000/5 years
350.org is growing a global climate movement to keep global warming below 1.5° with a just and equitable transition away from fossil fuels and a renewable energy future for all. 350.org works to inspire, train, and mobilize people to join a broad and diverse climate movement that challenges the systems that lead to catastrophic climate change and brings the world closer to our vision of a just and sustainable future. 350.org’s network believes in a sustainable future where people power promotes and maintains a healthy environment and builds a society that is just, prosperous, and equitable in a changing climate.


Alliance for Youth Organizing General Support $225,000/3 years
The Alliance for Youth Organizing supports and scales the work of local organizations that are building a movement of young people, by young people, for all people. Over the course of a three-year grant, the Alliance will grow and strengthen a network of local youth power-building organizations focused on advancing nonpartisan youth voter engagement and issue advocacy, building year-round local and state-based infrastructure, and creating lasting means of civic participation for all young people.


Auburn Theological Seminary General Support $225,000/3 years
Leaders of faith and moral courage have guided social change throughout our nation’s history, from the abolition of slavery and the fight for Civil Rights to the struggle against gun violence and global warming. A three-year grant will invest in Auburn Theological Seminary’s work to identify and strengthen leaders—from the pulpit to the public square—to build communities, bridge divides, pursue justice, and heal the world.


Common Defense / Commonwealth Foundation General Support $225,000/3 years
Common Defense is a national organization of progressive US military veterans fighting to preserve the core American values they swore to uphold. Through grassroots campaigns, its members serve on the front lines of struggles for justice in order to champion a truly equitable and representative democracy. Common Defense invests in the leadership of its members through the Veterans Organizing Institute (VOI), a nonpartisan training program that trains cohorts of 30-40 veterans from around the country to be grassroots organizers within their communities.


Demos General Support $225,000/3 years
Demos is a dynamic “think-and-do” tank that powers the movement for a just, inclusive, multiracial democracy. Through cutting-edge policy research, inspiring litigation, and deep relationships with grassroots organizations, Demos champions solutions that will create a democracy and economy rooted in racial equity. Demos’ work is guided by three goals: to achieve true democracy by reducing the role of money in politics, amplifying the voice of the people, and guaranteeing the right to vote; to build pathways to ensure a diverse, expanded middle class in a new, sustainable economy; and to create progressive change with the partnership and leadership of on-the-ground organizations based in communities of color.


Forward Together General Support $375,000/5 years
Forward Together’s mission is to unite communities to win rights, recognition, and resources for all families. For over 30 years, Forward Together has fought to dismantle the ways society marginalizes us based on race, sexuality and gender. Forward Together’s core work has always been to advance reproductive justice, recognizing that racism, sexism, and homophobia impact one’s ability to exercise bodily autonomy. As one of the largest women of color-led organizations in the country, Forward Together transforms culture and policy to work for all of us nationwide. Through civic engagement, movement building, and culture-shift, Forward Together activates its base in key states and nationally on the following issues: expanding healthcare access, including abortion, to those who are most often denied access; prioritizing behavioral healthcare and economic opportunity over incarceration; and ensuring that policy and culture recognize all families, whether related by blood or affinity.


Gamechanger Labs / Movement Strategy Center Movement Resource Project General Support $300,000/3 years
Movement Resource Project (MRP) uses sophisticated strategies of grassroots organizing and capacity building to invest in local organizations doing cutting-edge work in vulnerable communities. MRP focuses on organizations whose work is rooted in furthering racial, economic, gender, and environmental justice, as well as building the leadership and engagement of LGBTQI persons, immigrants, youth, and people of color. MRP increases the scale and speed of its partners’ power-building by leveraging its unique role as both a donor advisor and field-building platform, investing millions of new dollars into organizing and civic engagement that is often otherwise ignored. MRP’s team makes strategic grants, gives technical assistance, matches organizations with those who can help build their capacities, and provides innovation and incubation services for emerging local and issue-based organizing across the country.
Indivisible Civics General Support $150,000/3 years
Indivisible Civics is a fired-up grassroots movement of more than 5,000 groups nationwide dedicated to taking action and igniting change within their local communities. Indivisible Civics supports civic engagement and leadership development for local Indivisible groups by offering trainings, facilitating regional group coordination, building partnerships, and demystifying federal and state policy processes.


National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice General Support $375,000/5 years
The mission of the National Latina Institute for Reproductive Justice (formerly National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health) is to build Latina power to guarantee the fundamental human right to reproductive health, dignity, and justice. The Latina Institute elevates Latina leaders, mobilizes their families and communities, transforms cultural narratives, and catalyzes policy change. Its vision is to co-create a society where Latinas/xs are able to activate their power to make decisions about their health, bodies, sexuality, and families. The Latina Institute will support an expansive movement of Latina/x activists and leaders across the country to increase abortion access and affordability, advance the rights of immigrant women, and eliminate reproductive health disparities using community power building, policy change, and culture shift strategies. This year, the Latina Institute will implement improved power building strategies and structures for its state-based networks in its key states of FL, NY, TX, and VA, and engage activists across the country who are not in proximity of its state networks."


Piper Fund / Proteus Fund General Support $500,000/5 years
The vision of Piper Fund (a donor collaborative of Proteus Fund) is a healthy democracy that works for everyone. Piper joins foundations and individuals in setting and implementing a national strategy aimed at protecting US democracy. It is also a national leader in addressing the influence of special interests on US democracy, defending and promoting judicial independence, and protecting the right to protest. Piper’s team identifies opportunities to achieve reform; convenes the fields to share knowledge, create alliances and set strategy; collaborates with advocates and funders; and builds a vibrant democracy that lifts all voices and gives everyone equal access to the levers of government. As a grantmaker, Piper identifies trends, assesses solutions based on the assets of the field, builds infrastructure to fill gaps, and mobilizes national partners and donors in supporting efforts to protect democracy and advance reforms that build power for underrepresented communities.


URGE General Support $225,000/3 years
URGE envisions a liberated world where everyone can live with justice, love freely, express their gender and sexuality, and define and create families of their choosing. To achieve its vision of liberation, URGE builds power and sustains a young people’s movement for reproductive justice by centering the leadership of young people of color who are women, queer, trans, nonbinary, and people of low-income. As a state-driven national organization, URGE provides a political home for young people, advocates for meaningful policy change, and shifts culture, working in states where the challenges and opportunities are greatest.


Women Cross DMZ / Peace Development Fund General Support $225,000/3 years
Women Cross DMZ (WCDMZ) mobilizes women globally for peace in Korea through education, advocacy, and organizing. WCDMZ is a leading voice in the movement calling for a peace agreement to formally end to the Korean War, which technically never ended. Its team has educated millions worldwide on the urgent need for peace in Korea and women’s leadership in the peace process; met with senior officials from the U.S., South Korea, and North Korea, and other countries to advocate for diplomacy and a peace agreement to permanently end the Korean War; and mobilized people across borders to press for peace, diplomacy, and women’s inclusion in peacebuilding. At its core, Women Cross DMZ’s work is not just about bringing peace to the Korean peninsula, but about completely rethinking the normative approach to peace and security.


2019 Grants
350.org General Support $100,000/2 years
350.org exists to unite an international grassroots movement that can solve the climate crisis. In order to avoid worsening climate impacts, 350.org works to keep carbon in the ground, which means no new fossil fuel infrastructure, no further financing of said infrastructure, and a speedy transition to 100% renewable energy. In the second year of its two-year grant, 350.org will be mobilizing grassroots pressure to demand that world leaders and financiers move quickly toward a just transition.


Advocates for Youth General Support $150,000/3 years
Advocates for Youth believes that all young people have the right to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. To that end, the organization advocates for policies and champions programs that recognize young people's rights to honest sexual health information, confidential and affordable sexual health services, and the resources and opportunities necessary to create sexual health equity for all youth. Now in the final year of a three-year grant, Advocates will continue to nurture a pipeline of diverse and empowered young leaders, assisting them to take action and mobilize their peers in support of youth sexual health and rights.


Alliance for Youth Organizing General Support $50,000
The Alliance for Youth Organizing supports and scales the work of local organizations, building a movement of young people, by young people, for all people. The Alliance will grow and strengthen a network of local youth power-building organizations focused on advancing nonpartisan youth voter engagement and issue advocacy, building year-round local and state-based infrastructure, and creating lasting means of civic participation for all young people.


Auburn Theological Seminary General Support $80,000/2 years
Built 'for such a time as this,' Auburn is a leadership development and research center working with faith-rooted social justice leaders who exhibit the ability and potential to awaken the spirit of possibility within each of us to catalyze change. Using research-based methodologies, Auburn equips leaders to frame the critical conversations of the day, and to mobilize the public to work across divides. The second year of a two-year general support grant will support Auburn's efforts to shape public conversations on pressing social issues, such as income inequality, climate change, LGBT equality, gender justice, gun violence, immigration, and racial justice.


Bold Alliance / Bold Education Fund Pipeline Fighter Hub $40,000
A renewal grant to the Bold Education Fund will support the development of a Pipeline Fighter Hub that helps farmers, ranchers, Tribal Nations, and frontline communities stop risky fossil fuel pipelines by ending eminent domain for private gain and building clean energy projects that tell the story about the type of future they want. Bold is also continuing its work to stop the Keystone XL pipeline (again!) through legal and creative actions, and organizing landowners, Tribal Nations, and grassroots citizens.


CAARE Coalition / New Venture Fund All* Above All $100,000/2 years
The Coalition for Abortion Access and Reproductive Equity (CAARE) is a robust network of 50 national and 40 state organizations in the fields of health, youth advocacy, reproductive justice, and social justice, working together to expand access to abortion for those who face the highest barriers: low-income women, women of color, and young women. CAARE houses the All* Above All campaign, which unites organizations and individuals to build support for lifting the bans that deny abortion coverage. Its vision is to restore public insurance coverage so that every woman, however much she makes, can get affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it. The second year of a two-year grant will support CAARE's work on state and national policy, culture change, and movement-building.


Center for Climate and Security / Council on Strategic Risks General Support $100,000/2 years
In November 2017, the US Congress passed a defense bill which stated that a "changing climate is a direct threat to US national security." This reflects a growing consensus in the security community, both in the US and internationally, that climate change presents a strategically significant threat to security, underlining a "Responsibility to Prepare." The Center for Climate and Security (CCS), a non-partisan institute of the Council on Strategic Risks, with a team and distinguished Advisory Board of security and military experts, seeks to address that threat in a manner that is commensurate to its scale, consequence and probability. To do so, CCS facilitates policy development, provides analysis, conducts research, communicates to the public, and acts as a resource hub in the climate and security field. The main goal of these activities is to manage the unavoidable and avoid the unmanageable security risks of a changing climate.


Climate Justice Alliance General Support $100,000/2 years
Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is a unique alliance of 56 community, frontline, and environmental justice (EJ) organizations; movement networks; and support organizations at the forefront of the climate crisis. These member organizations comprise traditionally underrepresented constituencies, including Indigenous Peoples, African American, Latinx, Asian Pacific Islander, and low-income white communities, and are often located near toxic, dirty energy facilities or other polluting industries. Now in the second year of a two-year grant, CJA is working to build local resilience, remedy climate change’s root causes, and lead a Just Transition out of the extractive energy economy.


Climate Solutions West Coast Climate Campaign $100,000/2 years
Now in the second year of a two-year grant, Climate Solutions and its partners continue to lead the West Coast Climate Campaign to achieve major policy victories in the region. The climate crisis demands urgent action, and Climate Solutions is now leading the effort to use the Northwest's relatively clean electricity grid as a springboard for transition to 100% clean electricity faster than anywhere else in the nation. Securing a price on climate pollution in Oregon and Washington is a key part of achieving this vision. Climate Solutions will continue to build momentum through Renew Oregon, the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy, and other regional partnerships as the campaigns accelerate clean energy solutions to the climate crisis.


Common Defense Civic Engagement (fka Beyond the Choir) General Support $100,000/2 years
Common Defense is a veteran-led organization that invests in the movement leadership of progressive veterans. Its primary initiative is the Veterans Organizing Institute, a veteran-led program to develop the leadership and organizing skills of veterans who are working for progressive social change. In the second year of a two-year grant, Common Defense is spinning off from its previous organizational home, Beyond the Choir.


Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights / University of Massachusetts Foundation Feminist Roadmap for Sustainable Peace $50,000
Even the most socially inclusive peace agreement will be followed by a series of predictable processes which tend to undermine both the women, peace, and security (WPS) agenda and many other progressive aspects of the peace agreement. Thus, for the WPS agenda to be a truly transformative tool in building sustainable peace, it requires forward-looking expert knowledge of postwar political-economic processes and dynamics; analysis of their impact on gender relations and other structural inequalities; and recommendations for how to engage and modify those processes to be more supportive of the societal transformations critical to building sustainable peace. Led by the Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights, the Feminist Roadmap for Sustainable Peace uses an innovative international knowledge-building process to generate those new ideas and strategies that will have real policy impact, while at the same time broadening and deepening the academic agenda on WPS.


Council on Foreign Relations Women and Foreign Policy Program $50,000
The Women and Foreign Policy program at the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) leverages CFR’s role as a preeminent nonpartisan foreign policy think tank to elevate the women, peace, and security agenda and advise on its implementation. A renewal grant will support CFR's research, scholarship, convenings, and outreach to government officials and opinion leaders about opportunities to prevent and resolve conflicts and reduce radicalization through the inclusion of women. The grant will also support an exploration of the definition of a “feminist” foreign policy, and potential implications for women's inclusion in security efforts.


Criterion Institute General Support $150,000/3 years
For close to a decade, the Criterion Institute has been at the forefront of the emergent field of gender lens investing and has had a central role in defining the field and catalyzing the involvement of thousands of people in the space. Criterion convenes diverse finance professionals and gender experts, hosts workshops, develops tools and resources, and engages institutions to have broader conversations about the intersection of gender and financial systems, pushing beyond a focus on the number of women in corporate leadership positions. As the field of gender lens investing gains momentum, three years of general operating support will support Criterion to ensure the field stays focused on influencing the fundamental power dynamics at play within financial systems and building the capacity of more diverse organizations to engage in the field.


Dēmos General Support $150,000/3 years
Dēmos envisions an America where everyone has an equal say in our democracy and an equal chance in our economy. The organization sees the country's growing diversity not as a dilution of America's promise, but as its fulfillment. With the progressive gains of the 20th century under threat, and as record inequality continues to widen, Dēmos' litigation, communication, research, and campaign teams are working with allies across progressive movements to chart a strategy for exposing phony populism, resisting a radical far-right agenda, and winning back power. Now in the third year of a three-year grant, Dēmos will continue to work toward its vision of an America in which race, gender and class are not dividing lines, but sources of solidarity.


Foreign Policy Interrupted / Bard College General Support $30,000
Foreign Policy Interrupted (FPI) exists to enrich foreign policy and get to better and faster solutions to world challenges. It is a brain trust of and a platform for foreign policy experts who happen to be women. Since 2014, FPI has focused on identifying female foreign policy experts in traditionally male dominated focus areas, such as national security, nuclear war, cybersecurity, science, and defense. FPI provides these women media training and helps them to publish an op-ed to share their expertise and raise their visibility. This work is important because the media shapes attitudes and perceptions, and the preponderance of white men in the media as reporters, sources, and experts perpetuates the dominance of white men as go-to experts on a wide range of topics, and makes for a more homogenous, less innovative field. A renewal grant to Foreign Policy Interrupted will support its work to change that, making the foreign policy space more equitable and more effective.


Forward Together General Support $100,000/2 years
Forward Together is an organization led by women of color with the mission to unite communities to win rights, recognition, and resources for all families. Since its founding in 1989, Forward Together has continually fought to dismantle the ways society marginalizes based on race, sexuality and gender. While Forward Together's core work has always been to advance reproductive justice, it recognizes that racism, sexism, homophobia, and poverty are factors that impact one's ability to exercise body autonomy. In the second year of its two-year general support grant, Forward Together will continue addressing these complex issues through an intersectional approach that transforms culture and policy on issues of healthcare access, safe communities, and family recognition. Forward Together works at the state and national levels to build cross-sector movements, deepen the civic engagement of its constituents, develop powerful leaders, and lift up the stories and expertise of its communities.


Front and Centered / Latino Community Fund of Washington State General Support $100,000/2 years
Front and Centered's Climate Justice and Clean Energy Strategy seeks to advance policies, programs, and investments that substantively reduce carbon emissions, build towards a zero-fossil fuel strategy, and address the disproportionate impact of climate change and pollution on communities of color and low-income people. To do so, Front and Centered convenes and engages communities of color of Washington State around clean energy policies and works with state government and other organizations to advance equity and reduce disparities in environmental solutions. The second year of a two-year grant will support Front and Centered as it continues its work in Washington State.


Funders for Reproductive Equity Rockwood Fellowship for Leaders in Reproductive Health, Rights, and Justice $50,000
A grant to Funders for Reproductive Equity will help to fund the Rockwood Leadership Institute’s Fellowship for Leaders in Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice. This support will help enable Rockwood catalyze a shift in the leadership and collaboration capacity of leaders working across reproductive rights, health, and justice by increasing the individual leadership effectiveness of up to 72 leaders through three Fellowship cohorts; providing opportunities for relationship building, authentic dialogue, partnership, and collaboration within each cohort; and building upon the momentum of the inaugural three-year initiative by hosting an alumni convening of leaders across the 2016-2018 cohorts.


GALvanize USA / Panorama Global General Support $50,000
GALvanize is a nonpartisan voter engagement organization that builds women’s political confidence and agency. A grant will support GALvanize to develop and test online and offline strategies aimed at educating, persuading, and supporting women to vote in line with their values to advance progress for all. Those strategies include using the bottom-up tactics of relational organizing to meet people where they are; holding two-way, values-based conversations that leverage deep canvassing and other innovative organizing strategies to foster meaningful engagement across audiences; and using technology and digital media to connect with and support communities of women in new ways. Over the next year, GALvanize will deploy state-specific strategies that leverage partner strengths and take advantage of unique state opportunities in the Midwest and Rustbelt.


Gamechanger Labs / Movement Strategy Center Movement Resource Project $50,000
Movement Resource Project (MRP; AKA Gamechanger Labs) provides support to the best and most promising local community-based organizations, with a focus on youth and communities of color. MRP supports hundreds of incredible organizations that both engage more people in civic participation and organize communities to grow their power and create transformation, from policy to the streets, grounded in the belief that supporting local movement groups and grassroots organizing is the most effective—and the most cost-effective—strategy to transform our country. In addition to providing its partner groups with technical and strategic support, MRP helps advise donors to support hundreds of local groups in more than 40 states to engage new people in civic engagement, win on issues, and organize in their communities.
Indivisible Civics General Support $50,000
Indivisible Civics supports thousands of community groups across the country as they build a powerful, grassroots movement to advance progressive values across issue areas on the local, state, and national levels. A renewal grant will support the organization’s work to provide expertise and resources, build relationships, support coordination and strategic action, and cultivate local leadership so that groups can become powerful actors in their own communities.


Institute for Integrated Transitions General Support $100,000/2 years
The Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) is the first international think tank focused on the integration of policymaking in the areas of democracy, development, rule of law, and human security in contexts of national dialogue and transition in fragile and conflict-affected states. Now in the second year of a two-year grant, IFIT seeks to transform current practice away from fragmented interventions and toward more integrated solutions that strengthen peace, democracy and human rights in countries attempting to break cycles of conflict or repression. IFIT's main added value in this process is in bringing creative, realistic and principled ideas that help opposing parties find common ground on divisive issues.


International Center for Research on Women General Support, Policy and Advocacy Department $50,000
A renewal general support grant for the ICRW Policy & Advocacy team will support its work to engage in global coalition-building to define and advance a global gold standard for feminist foreign policy at the 25th anniversary of the Fourth World Conference on Women (Beijing Conference); to articulate a vision for a more feminist US foreign policy; to protect US commitments to sexual and reproductive health and rights; and to foster US commitments on women, peace and security.


MADRE Feminist Foreign Policy Jumpstart $50,000
MADRE’s Feminist Foreign Policy Jumpstart (the Jumpstart) brings global women’s voices and solutions to progressive policymaking in the US in an effort to create a new feminist foreign policy to advance the rights of women and create a more peaceful, just and sustainable world. The Jumpstart aims to 1) deepen channels for effective engagement between progressive policymakers, feminist organizations in the US and women’s movements in countries impacted by US foreign policy; 2) strengthen policymakers’ capacity to champion gender justice in foreign affairs; 3) advance a movement-led progressive foreign policy agenda deeply rooted in feminist values; 4) catalyze grassroots movements for a feminist foreign policy; and 5) generate increased attention in the media and public discourse to gender justice and progressive foreign policy.


Movement Generation General Support $100,000/2 years
Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project (MG) inspires and engages in transformative action towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture. It is rooted in vibrant social movements led by low-income communities and communities of color committed to a Just Transition away from profit and pollution and towards healthy, resilient and life-affirming local economies. MG is bridging the gap between current social movement strategies and the scale of the emerging ecological crisis. Its leadership, guidance, and support galvanize climate justice actions and campaigns in urban communities of color across many different social movement sectors.


National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health General Support $50,000
The National Latina Institute for Reproductive Health's (NLIRH) mission is to build Latina power to guarantee the fundamental human right to reproductive health, dignity, and justice. Using policy change, culture shift, movement building, civic engagement, and leadership development, NLIRH promotes a reproductive justice agenda informed by activists on the ground. The organization focuses on advancing three interconnected issue priorities at the federal level and in key states: abortion access and affordability; immigrant women's health and rights; and sexual and reproductive health equity. NLIRH's Latina Advocacy Networks (LANs) lead its work on the ground in Florida, New York, Texas, and Virginia. NLIRH's year-round efforts build a sustained base prepared to speak out for the needs of their communities anytime, not just during election cycles.


New America New Models of Policy Change Initiative $50,000
New America's New Models of Policy Change Initiative works at the intersection of politics and international affairs to identify outdated policy paradigms and promote creative thinking about how policy change happens, who makes policy, and what US international policy can--or should--be. It makes a particular point of lifting up the intersections between better policy outcomes and a focus on diversity, equity and inclusion in policymaking and analysis. The Initiative is a part of New America's Political Reform program, dedicated to renewing America by continuing the quest to realize the United States' highest ideals, honestly confronting the challenges caused by rapid technological and social change, and seizing the opportunities those changes create.


Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN) General Support $50,000
OPEN (Online Progressive Engagement Network) is the association of the world's leading national progressive digitally facilitated grassroots campaigning organizations. Currently, the network includes 19 member organizations in 19 different nations, collectively mobilizing more than 22 million individual activists. OPEN's purpose is to enable our member organizations to leverage mass participation to sustainably shift the primary drivers of national politics away from base emotions--fear, greed, tribalism--towards the more healthy and sustainable motivations of mutualism, inclusion, empathy, and democratic collaboration. OPEN's strategy is designed to resolve a central tension of the 21st century: urgent international problems requiring many national solutions.


Oregon Environmental Council West Coast Climate Campaign $120,000/2 years
The Oregon Environmental Council (OEC), Washington Environmental Council (WEC) and the Better World Group (BWG) in California are each leading diverse state-level coalitions of business, labor, communities of color, faith groups, and other stakeholders that are advocating for a suite of public policy reforms to address climate change. In the second year of a two-year grant, the state coalitions will continue to broaden and deepen as a core strategy toward securing, implementing, and defending key climate policies. They will also continue to coordinate on a regional level to share strategic resources and connections, effective messaging and strategies, and lessons learned so that the West Coast continues to demonstrate forward action on climate.


People’s Action Institute General Support $100,000/2 years
People’s Action Institute (PAI) invests in state and local power, aligns its local and state affiliate organizations around a visionary long-term agenda for racial and economic justice, and drives coordinated campaigns that win real change in people’s lives and shape an economy and a democracy that work for all of us. Its national network spans more than 29 states and comprises more than 50 affiliate organizations, 600 staff, and one million individual members and activists. PAI also engages digital activists directly in a growing national list of over 435,000 members. PAI moves people in large numbers through issue organizing campaigns and civic engagement, using base-building, leadership development, direct action, and large-scale grassroots and netroots action. The second year of a two-year grant will support continued work to protect people and planet and deliver improvements in people’s lives.


Piper Fund / Proteus Fund General Support $200,000/2 years
The Piper Fund unites individual donors and foundations to diminish the influence of corporate and special interest money on political and judicial systems. Piper’s collaborative grantmaking fosters community-driven democratic reforms that build power for marginalized communities and protect fundamental rights for all individuals. Since its inception, Piper has awarded more than $31 million in grants to build the sector and achieve reforms. In 2016, the fund granted over $2.7 million to 35 organizations in 18 states, investing to develop the resources and expertise of state and local organizations to ensure their sustainability. Now in the final year of a three-year grant, Piper will continue its role within the money in politics and fair courts fields as a funder, convener, and a thought leader.


Ploughshares Fund Women's Initiative $50,000
Traditionally, global nuclear policy has been driven by intimidation and threats of force, separating weapons from the people and planet they will destroy. Ploughshares Fund believes this approach has failed. This global security fund was founded with the vision that everyone has the right to a safe and secure future. Central to its approach is the recognition that the exclusion of ideas and people who have been and will be impacted by nuclear weapons is an obstacle to achieving such a world. Its Women's Initiative aims to amplify and invest in women, new voices, and diverse perspectives, ultimately transforming the global security field and creating more inclusive, just, and peace-oriented policies.


Resistance Labs / Center for Common Ground CUT Carbon $30,000
Resistance Labs is an incubator for distributed political power-building initiatives. This grant will support the development of the Climate Utility Transition project (CUT Carbon), which will bring transparency and justice to elections for public utility boards. Nearly a third of US electricity is distributed by public utilities overseen by democratically elected Boards. Through supporting the election of new candidates to these Boards, and sharing information about the current economics of clean energy, CUT Carbon is empowering local residents to engage in the democratic process and reduce costs while moving utilities away from polluting fossil fuel generation.
Rockwood Leadership Institute General Support $100,000/2 years
Rockwood's theory of change is based on the premise that leadership is a practice and can be learned. Anyone can exercise leadership; it belongs to everyone, and effective change requires a diverse world of skilled and interconnected leaders. As such, the purpose of Rockwood's training programs and services is to provide social change leaders across the globe with tools and skills to help change themselves, their communities, and the world. Today, Rockwood is the nation's largest provider of multi-day, transformative leadership training for social change and philanthropic organizations. Now in the second year of a two-year grant, Rockwood continues to provide support to leaders working on issues like racial and economic equity, civil rights and civic engagement, and building inclusive organizations.


Social Transformation Project General Support $150,000/3 years
Since 2009, the Social Transformation Project (STP) has partnered with leaders from progressive organizations, intermediaries, and funders to strategize and collaborate for a more just and sustainable world. In the third year of a three-year grant, STP is working to build a functional cross-movement network of progressive leaders who share a common agenda. Its efforts will strengthen the movement's capacity for collaborative action and will build lasting power to make structural change by helping leaders develop shared analysis, align around visionary priorities, and experiment with concrete collaborations to practice working together and to improve the efficacy of joint action.


Sunrise Movement Education Fund General Support $40,000
Sunrise is a movement to stop climate change and create millions of good jobs in the process. Led by young people, Sunrise is organizing its peers to make climate change an urgent priority across America, end the corrupting influence of fossil fuel executives in politics, and elect leaders who stand up for the health and wellbeing of all people. The organization is composed of ordinary young people who are scared about what the climate crisis means for the people and places they love. A new grant will support Sunrise’s organizing efforts, at the grassroots and the national levels, to turn public opinion into political power and climate action at scale.


Truman Center for National Policy General Support $100,000/2 years
The Truman Center for National Policy houses the Truman Fellows, a nationwide network of 1,500 political and civil society leaders committed to progressive national security. In the second year of a two-year grant, the Truman Center's activities fall into three broad categories: leadership development for its members across the country; leveraging the community around specific issues for both long-term and rapid-response projects; and Project 2020, a new venture that aims to position Truman talent to go into the next administration and prepare progressive policy solutions for the governing landscape in 2021.


UltraViolet General Support $100,000/2 years
UltraViolet is a national advocacy organization that drives feminist cultural and political change. Through people power and strategic advocacy, UltraViolet works to improve the lives of women of all identities and backgrounds by dismantling discrimination and creating a cost for sexism. It works across a broad spectrum of interconnected issues that impact women, including reproductive rights, violence, healthcare, immigration, economic security, and racial justice. In all of its work, UltraViolet centers those who are disparately impacted by sexism, especially women of color, Indigenous women, immigrants, LGBTQ people, and low-income women. The second year of its two-year general support grant will provide UltraViolet with the flexibility needed to creatively and effectively meet the demands of a volatile political and cultural climate by increasing awareness of and building support for gender equity and reproductive rights and promoting a proactive, long-term vision of the world in which we all benefit from equity, justice, and accountability.


Upstart Co-Lab / Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisors General Support $150,000/3 years
Upstart Co-Lab is a national collaboration of artists, impact investors, and social entrepreneurs who are working together to bring impact investing to the creative economy, a broad term that encompasses small artisan businesses, affordable housing for artists, and cultural centers and heritage sites. As a think tank, field builder, and collaborator, Upstart Co-Lab has introduced a "Creativity Lens" to impact investing and has already connected more than $6 million in impact capital with creative economy opportunities in the last 3 years. Going forward, Upstart aspires to"make the market" for impact investing in the creative economy with like-minded families and foundations and will share learnings on this emerging sector with the field.


URGE General Support $50,000
URGE envisions a world where everyone can live, love, create families, express their gender, and enjoy sexuality with liberation, power, and joy and without stigma, scarcity, or interference. URGE is a national reproductive justice organization that centers the voices and leadership of young people and builds power with and for the most marginalized young people, out of the belief that when young LGBTQ+ and young people of color have reproductive justice, everyone will. A renewal grant will support URGE’s continued advocacy and leadership development work on college campuses and in city centers across the South and Midwest.


Win Without War / Center for International Policy General Support $100,000/2 years
Win Without War is a network of national organizations with diverse constituencies that seek a more peaceful and progressive national security and foreign policy for America. Building upon 15 years of national security issue advocacy, Win Without War has created a unique network of grassroots-based organizations and bipartisan Congressional allies. The second year of a two-year grant will help Win Without War to grow its movement for a more peaceful foreign policy. Win Without War’s work in the year ahead will build power, educate the public, and advance peaceful alternatives to confront the threats America faces.


WomanStats / Texas A&M University General Support $50,000
The Program on Women, Peace, and Security at The Bush School of Government and Public Service at Texas A&M University is the only one of its kind in Texas, or indeed outside of the East Coast. The Program’s purpose is to advance the WPS agenda through research, teaching, mentoring, and outreach. It offers a WPS curricular concentration to the Bush School’s master’s degree students, which has doubled in the past two years. The Program also holds an annual Texas WPS symposium, which brings WPS stakeholders from Texas, from around the nation, and even from overseas together to discuss WPS-related issues of the day. Its research centers around the efforts of the multi-disciplinary, multi-university WomanStats Project, which produces cutting-edge policy-relevant research WPS topics.


Women Cross DMZ / Peace Development Fund General Support $40,000
Women Cross DMZ (WCDMZ) is a movement of women mobilizing to end the Korean War, reunite families, and ensure women's leadership in peacebuilding. In 2015 Women Cross DMZ led a women's peace walk across the Demilitarized Zone (DMZ) between North and South Korea with 10,000 Korean women on both sides of the DMZ. This year, a general support grant will fund Women Cross DMZ as it launches a global campaign to advocate for a Korea peace treaty by 2020. Its campaign partners include the Nobel Women's Initiative, Women's International League for Peace & Freedom, and the South Korean Women's Movement for Peace, along with other civil society organizations working for a lasting peace. Because women play a crucial role in peace processes, WCDMZ is calling on the Trump Administration to ensure the substantial representation and inclusion of women's groups in the U.S-North Korea peace process in accordance with the 2017 U.S. Women, Peace and Security Act and UN Security Council Resolution 1325.