Peace Initiative Grant Highlights

Peace Strategic Initiative Grant Highlights

In 2015, the Compton Foundation Board of Directors committed $5 million over three years for a special peace initiative. The initiative responded to clear evidence that engaging women’s voices and using an inclusive policy lens leads to more effective, just, and peaceful foreign policy, and a more secure world. Distinct from the Foundation’s existing peace program, this initiative was designed to leverage the 2016 presidential transition and the opportunities it brought for media attention, policy development, and agency appointments to integrate an inclusive, gendered perspective into US foreign policy and national security for the next administration and beyond.

The Women, Peace, and Security Initiative (WPSI) was active from Spring 2016 until early 2019 and awarded more than $4.6 million in grants. A final report on the Initiative sharing stories, key successes, and lessons learned is available for download.

WPSI grants fell into three strategic approaches:

1) The first aligned messaging on women, peace, and security (WPS) to engage mainstream foreign policy and national security connections, ranging from traditional communications to creative storytelling that illustrates the importance of an inclusive gender lens.

2) The second integrated WPS into mainstream foreign policy and national security organizations by building relationships between those groups and WPS organizations, cultivating mainstream voices as new WPS champions, and supporting the academic centers that strengthen the field with research and train the next generation of national security leaders.

3) The third influenced the appointments and policy positions of the new administration to ensure they include an inclusive security perspective.

A description of the grants made through the Initiative can be found below.

2019 Grants
International Civil Society Action Network Afghan Women’s Forum in Doha $10,000
The International Civil Society Action Network (ICAN) is partnering with the Afghan Women’s Network to advocate for the inclusion of women in the ongoing negotiations with the Taliban, and to ensure Afghan women’s perspectives about issues of peace and security are heard by politicians, policymakers and the government. A grant to ICAN will support its rapid-response efforts to mobilize women’s groups and activists to influence ongoing negotiations between the US and the Taliban.
2018 Grants
Center for a New American Security Women in National Security Program $75,000
The Center for a New American Security (CNAS) was founded in 2007 to develop strong, pragmatic, and principled national security and defense policies. As an independent and nonpartisan research institution, CNAS engages policymakers, experts, and the public with research and analysis to shape the national security debate. CNAS enjoys a reputation as one of the premier national security and defense think tanks in Washington–a nimble, bipartisan team of experts and former (and future) policymakers with strong connections throughout the national security community. A renewal grant from Compton will support the continued Women in National Security program, including new research

Consortium on Gender, Security, and Human Rights / University of Massachusetts Foundation Feminist Roadmap for Sustainable Peace $50,000
Even the most socially inclusive peace agreement will be followed by a series of predictable processes which tend to undermine both the WPS agenda and many other progressive aspects of the peace agreement. Thus, for the WPS agenda to be a truly transformative tool in building sustainable peace, it requires forward-looking expert knowledge of postwar political-economic processes and dynamics; analysis of their impact on gender relations and other structural inequalities; and recommendations for how to engage and modify those processes to be more supportive of the societal transformations that are critical to building sustainable peace. The Feminist Roadmap for Sustainable Peace aims to provide that knowledge and analysis. The project, led by the Consortium on Gender, Security and Human Rights, uses an innovative international knowledge-building process to generate new ideas and strategies that will have real policy impact, while at the same time broadening and deepening the academic agenda on WPS. A renewal grant will support this continued research agenda.

Council on Foreign Relations Women in Foreign Policy Program General Support $20,000
This grant will support CFR's Women in Foreign Policy program as it consults on the development of a new governmental women, peace, and security strategy.

Council on Foreign Relations Project on Women, Peace, and Security $75,000
The Project on Women, Peace, and Security will leverage the Council on Foreign Relations' (CFR) role as a preeminent nonpartisan foreign policy think tank to elevate the issue of women's participation in peace and security processes on the US foreign policy agenda. In the wake of the passage of the WPS Act of 2017, the project will offer research and policy recommendations to support implementation of the law, identifying and evaluating concrete steps that governments, justice and security sector institutions, the UN, civil society organizations, and others can take to improve security by increasing women's participation. A renewal grant will support CFR's research, scholarship, convenings, and outreach to government officials and opinion leaders about opportunities to prevent and resolve conflicts and reduce radicalization through the inclusion of women. The grant will also support an exploration of the definition of a "feminist" foreign policy, and potential implications for women's inclusion in security efforts.

Fuller Project for International Reporting WPS Act Implementation Coverage $20,000
This grant will support the Fuller Project to increase media coverage of the Women, Peace, and Security Act and its implementation.

Fuller Project for International Reporting General Support $75,000
The Fuller Project for International Reporting is a global, multimedia journalism organization that reports the news that most impacts women, with a focus on solutions and women's involvement in peace and security. Its team of award-winning, international journalists envisions a world where newsrooms are no longer dominated by one gender and where an inclusive lens ensures that women, and the issues that impact them, receive equal coverage in the media. The Fuller Project is inspired by research demonstrating that a world in which women are free from oppression is more peaceful, economically vibrant, and just for all. It focuses on ensuring that US foreign policy and national security advance gender equality and equity. A renewal grant will support research-based news content focused on women's vital role in US foreign policy and national security, amplifying the work of others in the field to reduce silos and promoting coverage of women and men leading change.

Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace, and Security / Georgetown University General Support $50,000
A renewal grant will support the Georgetown Institute for Women, Peace and Security (GIWPS) in its work to examine and highlight the roles and experiences of women in peace and security worldwide through research, global convenings, and strategic partnerships. The Institute seeks a more stable, peaceful, and just world by developing evidence-based research on how women strengthen conflict prevention and resolution initiatives, foster democratic political transitions, counter violent extremism, combat climate change, and expand economic opportunities in fragile states. Housed within the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown University, the Institute is headed by the former US Ambassador for Global Women's Issues, Melanne Verveer.

International Center for Research on Women Policy Program General Support $20,000
This grant will support the International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) as it consults on the development of a new governmental women, peace, and security strategy.

International Center for Research on Women General Support $75,000
The International Center for Research on Women (ICRW) is the world's premier research institute focusing on women and girls. Its research has put issues like child marriage on the map, discovered that the majority of poor households in the developing world are female-headed, and pioneered solutions to end gender-based violence and promote sexual and reproductive health and rights. Its advocacy has helped draft and pass the Women, Peace and Security Act, shape the two versions of the National Action Plan on Women, Peace and Security, inform an agenda for a Feminist G7 under Canadian leadership and develop a vision for what a more feminist United Nations would look like under the leadership of the new Secretary-General. A renewal grant to ICRW will support its continued work around the WPS agenda at the national and international levels.

MADRE A Gender and Foreign Policy Portfolio for Congress $40,000
MADRE envisions a transformative progressive policy agenda that reflects the centrality of women's rights and gender justice to every US initiative, foreign and domestic. Feminist values and women's leadership have been defining features of the resistance to the current assault on rights, dignity and a century of progressive policy reform. As a newly revitalized progressive bloc enters Congress, MADRE sees an opportunity to align US foreign policy with the same feminist principles informing the leadership of a growing number of Representatives on domestic issues. A grant to MADRE will support its new partnership with the Congressional Progressive Caucus Center to strengthen the capacity of progressive Representatives to champion gender justice and human rights in foreign affairs and to build the movement infrastructure needed for more effective engagement among progressive Congressional leaders, feminist organizations in the US, and women's movements in countries impacted by US policies.

New America Foundation General Support $75,000
New America is a think tank dedicated to renewing America by continuing the quest to realize the nation's highest ideals, honestly confronting the challenges caused by rapid technological and social change, and seizing the opportunities those changes create. New America's Heather Hurlburt (Political Reform's New Models of Policy Change) and Elizabeth Weingarten (Better Life Lab's Global Gender Parity Initiative) have teamed up since 2016 to explore the integration of gender into national security policy through original research, journalism and thought leadership. This ongoing project, "Not Secondary but Central," asks provocative questions, drives cross-sector engagement, and builds new connections between the hard security and gender fields. A renewal grant will support continued work to advance the integration of gender into national security policy, promote inclusion, and challenge limiting security paradigms.

Peace is Loud General Support $75,000
Peace is Loud increases the visibility and influence of women who are building peace and resisting violence around the world. Through film impact campaigns, speaking events and political empowerment, Peace is Loud advances women's leadership in creating inclusive, secure communities. The organization currently oversees international impact campaigns for multiple films, including the nine-part PBS series Women, War, and Peace, and operates the only nonprofit speakers' bureau focused exclusively on women peacebuilders, including Nobel Laureate Leymah Gbowee. Its newest program, Mina's List, mobilizes Peace is Loud's stakeholders and millions of audience members (online and on the ground) to support women's increased political representation. A renewal grant will support Peace is Loud's continued program, as well as its impact campaign around the upcoming Women, War, and Peace: Part II film series, to air on PBS in the spring.

Ploughshares Fund Women's Initiative: 10 Big Nuclear Ideas Report $52,000
The Women's Initiative "10 Big Nuclear Ideas" report will comprise short essays from 8-10 leading women who have challenged the status quo in nuclear policy and can provide lessons learned for future efforts. Authors will be encouraged to use a gender lens to identify obstacles, share what happened when they have promoted "alternative" perspectives, examine their achievements/failures, and share recommendations and ideas for what should come next in terms of nuclear policies. This is an opportunity to provide specific and actionable gender analyses for the nuclear security space, as well as to examine the underlying assumptions that place nuclear weapons and militarized responses to the world's problems at the center of our security. The final report, to be launched in early 2019, will serve as a resource for rising congressional leaders, newly elected representatives, think tanks, and the DC NGO community.

University of Denver The Role of Inclusion in Successful Nonviolent Protest Campaigns: Research and Implications for Practice $50,000
With the rising prevalence and visibility of protest campaigns to resist authoritarianism and protect the rights of all people worldwide, there is an urgent need to better understand whether and when inclusive strategies lead to more successful movement outcomes. As part of the Inclusive Global Leadership Initiative at the University of Denver, Professors Marie Berry and Erica Chenoweth are conducting research to operationalize and measure the participation of women in nonviolent protest campaigns. Their goal is to evaluate how strategies that prioritize the inclusion of women are related to movement success, as well as to bring in the voices of women activists to learn from their experiences. This research program begins with two major data collection projects and will culminate in a book about women in protest movements; together, this research agenda will reveal essential knowledge for building movements that recognize and prioritize women's potential for transformative leadership.

WNET Local Station Engagement for Women, War, and Peace II $53,000
Peace is Loud and the WNET Community Engagement team seek funding to award payments to public television stations, nationwide, in support of Women, War & Peace II, a groundbreaking series of documentaries that will air on primetime nationally in Spring 2019. Five public television stations will be rewarded $7,500 to create and promote local productions (TV, radio, and/or online) tied to the themes and issues presented in the series.

WomanStats / Texas A&M University General Support, WomanStats and WPS Program $50,000
Headed by Professor Valerie Hudson, the Program on Women, Peace, and Security at Texas A&M University's Bush School trains graduate students from its own college as well as other colleges across campus. The Program hosts an annual WPS symposium, bringing WPS stakeholders from around Texas as well as out-of-state to generate interest among Texans in the WPS agenda. The Program also partners with the WomanStats Project to develop innovative research projects: recent research has included the linkage between bride prices and rebellion, as well as polygyny and societal instability. Professor Hudson's newest book, expected in 2019, will be a comprehensive look at such links. A renewal grant will support the program's goals of teaching, research, and outreach, investing in strong WPS leadership in and beyond Texas.,

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