Peace Initiative Grant Highlights

Peace Strategic Initiative Grant Highlights

In 2015, the Compton Foundation Board of Directors committed $5 million over three years for a special peace initiative. The initiative responded to clear evidence that engaging women’s voices and using an inclusive policy lens leads to more effective, just, and peaceful foreign policy, and a more secure world. Distinct from the Foundation’s existing peace program, this initiative was designed to leverage the 2016 presidential transition and the opportunities it brought for media attention, policy development, and agency appointments to integrate an inclusive, gendered perspective into US foreign policy and national security for the next administration and beyond.

The Women, Peace, and Security Initiative (WPSI) was active from Spring 2016 until early 2019 and awarded more than $4.6 million in grants. A final report on the Initiative sharing stories, key successes, and lessons learned is available for download.

WPSI grants fell into three strategic approaches:

1) The first aligned messaging on women, peace, and security (WPS) to engage mainstream foreign policy and national security connections, ranging from traditional communications to creative storytelling that illustrates the importance of an inclusive gender lens.

2) The second integrated WPS into mainstream foreign policy and national security organizations by building relationships between those groups and WPS organizations, cultivating mainstream voices as new WPS champions, and supporting the academic centers that strengthen the field with research and train the next generation of national security leaders.

3) The third influenced the appointments and policy positions of the new administration to ensure they include an inclusive security perspective.

A description of the grants made through the Initiative can be found below.