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CFC President’s Testimony Cited in NYTimes Editorial

November 8, 2011

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CFC President Jon O’Brien’s recent testimony to Congress was cited in a New York Times editorial, “A New Battle Over Contraception,” drawing attention to the role that the US bishops are playing to deny family planning to all American women. Here is a link, and the text is reprinted below. We are delighted that the message about what the bishops are trying to do—and why it is wrong—is getting the high-profile coverage it deserves.  We have worked and continue to work to make sure that the voices of Catholics, especially Catholic women, are heard in these debates and that the bishops and their allies don’t get a free pass on such a critical issue.

The Times was quoting from Jon’s invited testimony before a Congressional Subcommittee on the question of whether the proposal to include family planning without cost-sharing as preventive healthcare for women would infringe upon conscience rights or decrease access to care.  You can watch a video of Jon’s testimony here: where he argues that the provisions expanding access to family planning do not infringe any one’s rights of conscience—unless refusal clauses are allowed to be included, in which case millions of women will be denied the right to make their own decisions about their health care.  Additionally, he explains that the provision for no cost-sharing means that more women, not fewer, will have access, a position that draws support from the Catholic social justice tradition.

Sara Morello, Executive Vice President

Catholics for Choice

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