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CEL launches first-ever Open Call!

September 17, 2013

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Should I apply?

CEL’s Powerful Communities program focuses on serving projects that are or want to be non-profit advocacy organizations that use digital media and technology to build grassroots support for an issue area or identity-group.

While all of our communities enter the program at different stages of development, the communities we accelerate have a few common characteristics that we consider eligibility requirements:

  • An existing online membership list that is engaged, or committed seed lists of members ready to be engaged.
  • A strong leader or leaders with extensive experience in digital engagement and grassroots campaigning.
  • A strong theory of change and vision for the long-term growth of the community.
  • Initial funding and support from a few donor champions and members that cover at least three months of fees and operating expenses.
  • Fills a gap in the progressive organizing landscape.
  • Advances socially just policies and culture shifts using concrete online and offline grassroots action.

CEL’s Innovation program focuses on serving organizers and entrepreneurs who may have one or more of the elements listed above, but need more time, support and resources to figure out the feasibility of building a community or testing a new tool or methodology.

How do I Apply?

CEL’s open call for applications for new Powerful Communities is going on right now.  Submissions are due by September 25th by 5pm PST. After that time, we will accept applications on a rolling basis and review applications bi-annually.

The first step in our pitch process is to figure out what stage you might fall into so we can suggest the right package for you. Explore program packages to find the one that best fits you.

Once you have reviewed the packages, the second step is to fill out our Application. If you have already reviewed the packages and are ready to submit your proposal, apply here.

If you have questions about the application process, please contact

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