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Brother Earth: The Final Communiqué

September 16, 2014

Grantee News From Movement Generation:

On the eve of this week’s United Nations Climate Summit in New York — and the accompanying mass protests in the streets — Movement Generation is proud to release a new comedic video with legendary rapper and activist Boots Riley of The Coup. Watch it here!

“Brother Earth: The Final Communiqué” pairs Riley with MG’s own Josh Healey, as they deliver a hilarious, passionate plea to address our global ecological crisis. In the video, Riley takes on the character of our planet – specifically, a militant, trash-talking version known as Brother Earth. Together with his #1 hype man The Sun (Healey), Brother Earth delivers a brilliant, scorching call to action to people everywhere: Help a brother out. Save the planet, and in the process, maybe we can save ourselves.

“This isn’t just about helping Brother Earth,” said Riley.  “This is about helping our own brothers and sisters who are struggling to survive right here and now. The same corporations and politicians who are exploiting people – from Oakland to Detroit to Gaza – are the same ones exploiting the planet. It’s on us, the people, to stand up and build a new path. Change the system, not the climate.”

Movement Generation is releasing the video to amplify the people-powered mobilizations against the UN Climate Summit taking place this week in New York. As the summit looks to be another step towards the corporate takeover of the UN negotiations and the privatization of our land, water, and air, the People’s Climate March will be outside in the streets, staging the largest climate justice rally in U.S. history. We will be there with the Our Power Campaign to represent as communities of color, workers, and frontline communities creating grassroots solutions to the climate crisis.

Help a brother out!

Watch the video. Share it. Join the resistance.

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