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Arts for Social Change Jam 2016

January 8, 2016

Grantee News From Yes!:


We invite you to the 2016 Arts for Social Change Jam, a creative gathering for people working at the intersection of arts and social change to come together, reflect, share our challenges and breakthroughs, nurture ourselves, support and inspire each other, figure out ways to be more financially sustainable, find intersections for future collaborations, and build a more resilient network of artist-activists (artivists).

YES! Jams have been happening since 1999. YES! collaborates with other like-hearted peers around the world to co-create Jams where diverse visionaries and social change-makers combine their inspirations and skills to create something greater than the sum of their parts.

The Jam works on 3 three levels:

arts jam 2015_150709_03516_AeronMillerPhoto

  1. On the personal level, it is an open space for participants to reflect on our life journeys and what makes us who we are today. It is an opportunity to deepen our purpose, ask meaningful questions, eat nourishing food, unlearn our fears and blocks, access our hearts, and open our minds to move more boldly in the world.
  2. On the interpersonal level, we come together to share our cultures, our creativity, our collaborative spirits, our stories and our struggles so we can deepen in our understanding of, and connection to, each other.
  3. On the systemic level, we become clearer about the importance of our work in the world and its potential for even deeper, more meaningful impact.

 “This work is so needed in these times. Bringing levity to the misery, courage to face the fears, love to confront the hate…these tools are what the world needs now more than ever, especially those of us trying to change it.”

– Jayeesha Dutta, 37, Multi-Disciplinary artists,  Cultural Organizer and Entrepreneur, Mind Panel Collective, New Orleans Louisiana More>

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