List of Grants

Leadership Grants:

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Grantee Project Date Grant Amount General Support 10/5/12 $50000
Advocates for Youth General Support 10/5/12 $50000
Alliance for Peacebuilding General Support 8/1/12 $50000
Bioneers Moonrise: Women’s Leadership – Annual Bioneers Conference 8/1/12 $10000
Boston College Proposal for a Summer Institute on the New Economics 3/12/2012 $25,000
Center for Diversity & the Environment 2042 Today: Young Leaders Re-imagining Conservation, a collaboration with Center for Whole Communities 8/1/12 $30000
Center for Whole Communities 2042 Today: Young Leaders Re-imagining Conservation, a collaborative project between CWC and CDE 8/1/12 $30000
Ceres Ceres Aqua Gauge: Advancing Investor and Corporate Action on Water Stewardship 5/2/2012 $50,000
Citizen Engagement Lab UltraViolet 5/2/2012 $50,000
Climate Solutions General Support 8/1/12 $50000