Are you spending out?

In November of 2019, the Compton Foundation Board announced that it will be spending out the Foundation’s assets and closing its doors by the end of 2027. This decision is a response to the severity, urgency, and scale of the threats facing our grant partners and all advocates working for a more peaceful, climate resilient, just, and democratic world. For more information about the rationale behind the spend-out, read the Board’s statement.

How is your grantmaking structured?

The Compton Foundation makes grants by invitation only, and as of early 2018, does not have an open inquiry process. To learn more about why we made this decision, read our blog post here.

We have a commitment to long-term, relationship-based grantmaking, and approximately two-thirds of our grantmaking budget is allocated to sizable, multi-year, general operating support grants to longtime grant partners. The remaining third of our grants budget is allocated to rapid-response “meeting the moment” grants, allowing us to move money quickly to projects within our core areas that specifically address breaking opportunities, support convening across issue areas, and/or allow for strategic, timely interventions. For more on what we fund, see what we support.

Grantee Facts

NGO Working Group on WPS

Project Name:
Accentuating Women's Voices through Increased Civil Society Engagement

Amount Granted:
$150,000/2 years