Is our organization a match for your grantmaking program?

Please review the program guidelines posted to the “What We Support” page. Please note that we only fund work in the fields of peace and security, climate change, reproductive rights and justice, and money in politics. We do not fund programs where the primary audience is K-12. We also do not fund service delivery programs, capital campaigns, scholarships or sponsorships, on-the-ground restoration projects, land, water, or easement acquisition. For a more detailed picture of the current focus for our giving, please review the highlights of our most recent grantmaking. If you are still not sure if your project is or is not a fit, you are welcome to submit an inquiry on our website.

What is your process?

We ask that as a first step, you please submit an inquiry using our online form, which can be accessed through the “Apply for a Grant” page. We will contact you if we have any questions, would like to learn more, or are able to invite a full proposal.

How in-depth is the letter of inquiry form?

The inquiry form is a very brief two paragraph application that asks what you would like to do and why.

How do we know that you received our request?

When logged in to your account in our grants management database, your requests and their status will be listed on the “Dashboard” page. Additionally, you should receive an automatic response to the email address under which the request was submitted. If you do not receive this response please check your spam folder. If the message went to your spam folder, please be sure to add info@comptonfoundation.org to your address books to make sure you receive any grant-related communications. If you did not receive the email, please double check the email address you provided and contact our office staff for assistance at (415) 391-9001.

Will we get a response if you are not interested in my inquiry?

You will receive an invitation if we decide to request a full proposal. We will also send you a brief note if we determine that we cannot invite an application. If you are on a timeline, have not heard from us, and require a response, please contact our office staff for assistance.

What are your deadlines?

There are no deadlines. We accept letters of inquiry on a rolling basis, and invite full proposals approximately every two months throughout the year.

What is your time frame?

The time it takes to hear back regarding a letter of inquiry varies with each inquiry. Occasionally, we will hold an inquiry for a number of months in the hopes that we can find an opportunity to invite a proposal. If you are on a timeline, have not heard from us, and require a response, please contact our office staff for assistance.

How many inquiries may I submit?

We will only accept one active inquiry at a time. You may submit an additional inquiry once your previous request has received a response.

What type of support should I apply for?

We offer general support, program/project support, rapid response grants, and support for small convening opportunities that can help build relationships and networks. Each of these types of grants must still fit our guidelines in leadership and storytelling, as well as our issue priorities. We may also have impact investment funds available. If you have an investment proposal, please outline it in the application form. We do not preference one form of support over another, so please just provide an honest assessment of your needs

Which project should I submit my inquiry for?

Please review the program guidelines posted on the “What We Support” page, as well as the highlights of our recent grantmaking. You can best determine which of your projects is most in line with our current giving, as well as which project is most in need of support.

Our project fits with several of your areas of emphasis. Which one should I select?

We prefer that you pick the one of our areas of emphasis—peace, environment, reproductive justice, or money in politics—that is most prominent in your work; however, if you work exclusively at issue intersections, please select “Integrative.”

Do you have a geographic focus?

We do not have any geographic restrictions. Generally, we do not fund projects with a strictly local impact.

Do you fund international work?

We award grants to nonprofit organizations that have received 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service of the United States. For organizations with 501(c)(3) status that do work abroad or have headquarters abroad, our funding for international projects is very limited and generally reserved for projects with a global rather than a country-specific scope.

Do you accept fiscal sponsorships?

Yes, we accept fiscal sponsorships. If you are using a fiscal sponsor, please use the information of the requesting organization when creating an account, rather than that of the fiscal sponsor. You can include the fiscal sponsor name after that of the requesting organization following a back slash—ex: Requesting Organization / Fiscal Sponsor.

Do you fund individuals?

We are only able to award grants to nonprofit organizations with 501(c)(3) status. We may fund projects spearheaded by individuals if they fit within our guidelines and are fiscally sponsored by a 501(c)(3) organization. Please note that it is not within our guidelines to fund scholarships or sponsorships.

How much do you allow for indirect costs?

We only regulate indirect costs for university grantees. We trust you to spend the necessary amount on operations and administration to accomplish your work effectively. University indirect cost rates are subject to a 10% limitation that can be applied to the total grant costs (including personnel, supplies, travel).

How do we submit our grant report?

 1) Follow the link to our grants management database.

2) Log On using your username and password.

3) On the “Dashboard” page you will notice a box with the project name under which you will see Next Grant Report Due – Compton Foundation Grant Report.

4) Click on “Edit.”

5) Please complete and “Submit” form.

Need additional help navigating our online system? See the linked tutorial.

 What is the nature of your relationship with Impact Partners? What is your role in their process?

We are one of the investing partners in the Impact Partners group. When they recommend a film investment to the group, we consider whether it fits our impact investing and programmatic priorities.

 Do you offer multi-year grants?

We invite a small number of multi-year grant proposals based on long-term relationships with our grant partners. If we have not made a series of renewal grants to your institution already, you are not a candidate for a multi-year grant from us.

What are the chances that you will give me a grant if I submit an inquiry or contact you? 

Honestly, pretty low. We expect to make a number of renewal grants in any given year, making the space for new grants smaller than it would otherwise be, and we receive far more inquiries than we can fund. We typically fund between 2% and 10% of the projects or organizations that contact us about their work in any given year.

Are my chances better of getting a grant if I talk to you on the phone or in person? 

No. We promise. We will reach out to you to learn more if we read a good inquiry that looks like it could be a match and we have space in our docket to consider a grant.

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Corporate Accountability International

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Real Food Media Project

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