Board & Staff

Founders, Directors & Staff


Dorothy Danforth Compton (1895-1974)
Randolph P. Compton (1892-1987)
James R. Compton (1921 – 2006)
Ann C. Stephens (1921 – 2010)

Board of Directors

Vanessa Compton, President
Rebecca DiDomenico, Vice President
W. Danforth Compton, Secretary
Emilie Cortes, Treasurer
Randy Compton
Jakada Imani
Stephen Perry
Alexandra I. Toma


Ellen Friedman, Executive Director
Deborah K. Daughtry, Director of Operations
Jennifer Turnage, Director of Finance and Accounting
Johanna “Hanni” Hanson, Program Officer


Grantee Facts

Lexicon of Sustainability

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Project Research + Community Engagement

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