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Ms. Must-Reads for International Women’s Day

March 9, 2018

Grantee News From Ms. Magazine:

When wars explode, communities caught in the crosshairs pay the price. And women, often responsible for caring for the family, become the first line of defense. They mobilize aid and make sure that the most vulnerable are sheltered.
Here’s a thought experiment: Imagine a world where policies were decided by women like these, the people most likely to be impacted by those policies.

What would a Syrian woman who has had to flee a war zone and become a refugee with her children think of Trump’s plan to effectively turn U.S. embassies into showrooms to sell U.S. weapons? How would an Iraqi woman who has sheltered survivors of airstrikes react to the U.S. decision to increase bombings and reduce restrictions on civilian casualties?

We don’t yet live in a world where these women would be consulted as the policy advisors they deserve to be. (If we did, those policies would be unthinkable.) But we don’t have to wonder what women like these would think, because they’re already letting us know—by organizing their communities and amplifying their voices to confront the policy actions that threaten them.

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Special International Women’s Day Blog Digest:
Women, Peace and Security



For over 45 years, Ms. has been at the forefront of reporting on women’s lives and feminist activism around the world. With the support of the Compton Foundation, we launched the Ms. Women, Peace and Security Initiative in 2016 to further that legacy, working with a cohort of cutting-edge organizations to center gender in conversations about foreign policy, national security and global conflict.

We’ll continue amplifying women’s voices from every corner of the globe all year long. But today, to mark International Women’s Day, we dedicated our blog coverage to women, peace and security—and I’d like to invite you to read some of our most recent and some of our most popular posts on the topic in a special IWD edition of our Ms. blog digest. (If you don’t yet receive our weekly blog digest, you can sign up for it here.)

With a world that is seemingly stuck in turmoil, I hope these stories and perspectives will inspire you—and remind you of the power of our global movement for women’s lives.

In solidarity,

Carmen Rios
Digital Editor, Ms.

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