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Truman National Security Project Scored Two Major Wins

February 8, 2013

Grantee News From Truman National Security Project:

Truman National Security Project scored two major wins from Campaigns & Elections Magazine at their fifth-annual Reed Awards celebration this weekend. Winning “Best Television Advertisement of 2012” and “Toughest Advertisement of 2012”, our ad, Commander in Chief, features veterans calling for strong leadership on national security during the presidential election and beyond.

Showcasing the top talent nationwide in newspaper, online, radio and television political advertising, the Reed Awards celebrate the best in savvy public affairs and political communications.

Over the past three years, we have also received Reed Awards for “Best Newspaper Advertisement of 2011,” “Best Online Independent Expenditure/Web Video of 2011,” “Best Use of Voiceover Talent of 2011,”and “Best Public Affairs Campaign of 2010.

Commander in Chief was also highlighted by the New York Times as one of the four most influential messages of 2012.

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