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Our guidelines are currently broad, so that we can explore how people in the field understand transformative leadership and courageous storytelling and their relationship to mobilizing collective imagination and action.

Before applying for a grant, please read What We Support and take a look at our 2015 Grant Highlights.

While we will look across the spectrum of progressive issue areas, we have a particular interest in work happening within and between our traditional areas of work—peace, environment, and reproductive health and rights.

During this exploratory time we will work with both invitation and grant application processes. If you believe you have an idea/organization/project that could be a match for our goals, please complete our application form. We expect to have funding available for general support, program/project support, rapid response (within six weeks), and small convening opportunities that can help build relationships and networks. We may have program related investment funds available. If you have a PRI proposal, please outline it in the application form.

We will only support 501(c)(3) organizations based in the United States. We will not fund service delivery programs, K-12 education, on-the-ground restoration projects, or land, water, or easement acquisition. For environmental issues, we will fund only domestic activities. We will not fund ocean or marine work.

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