Leadership Grant Highlights

Transformative Leadership

We believe that the most effective leaders focus not only on strategizing, organizing, and campaigning, but also on personal relationships. Success in creating a more just and sustainable world will require emotional authenticity in addition to intellectual analysis, and the courage to lead morally, as well as politically. The leaders (and the institutions that support them) with whom we will engage are driven by a strong sense of social purpose and have a searing passion for making a difference. As leaders, they are able to craft and communicate a compelling vision of the future, translate that vision into clear strategies and achievable goals, build community, and adapt flexibly to shifting contexts for their work. They take risks. Not only do they respect and embrace diverse voices, they are also able to work across boundaries to find agreement around shared goals.

A description of grants we have made this year in Leadership can be found below.  Read about what we support for more information.

2017 Grants
350.org General Support $150,000/3 years
In the third year of its three-year general support grant, 350.org will continue building the climate movement in the US and abroad. This work will include expanding and strengthening the fossil fuel divestment campaign to weaken the power of the fossil fuel industry; fighting extreme energy projects, such as tar sands and fracking, through the Fossil Freeze and Keep it in the Ground campaigns; organizing mobilizations; and continuing to spread the word about climate change through creative communications work.


Advocates for Youth Youth Organizing Summit $20,000
Advocates for Youth is co-sponsoring a cross-issue Youth Organizing Summit in collaboration with NextGen Climate, Planned Parenthood, Young People For, the Criminal Justice Coalition, the Student Power Network, and the Bus Federation. Over 300 young activists from across the country will convene to develop new strategic plans, form new relationships, and build their organizing muscles. A rapid response grant in early 2017 will underwrite the cost of the gathering and support scholarships for activists to travel to DC for the summit.


Advocates for Youth General Support $150,000/3 years
Advocates for Youth believes that all young people have the right to lead healthy and fulfilling lives. To that end, the organization advocates for policies and champions programs that recognize young people’s rights to honest sexual health information, confidential and affordable sexual health services, and the resources and opportunities necessary to create sexual health equity for all youth. A new three-year grant to Advocates will help the organization continue to nurture a pipeline of diverse and empowered young leaders, assisting them to take action and mobilize their peers in support of youth sexual health and rights.


Alliance for Peacebuilding General Support $150,000/3 years
The world is changing in ways that require dynamic systems of peacebuilding. Global institutions and governments are recognizing that established approaches to peace and security are no longer adequate, and intricate challenges such as cross-border violence, cycles of terrorism, violent extremism, and climate-related conflict are not amenable to linear solutions. The peacebuilding field is also changing, with rapid growth and increased integration across sectors. The Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP) serves as a hub for networks and innovation in the peacebuilding field to meet these challenges. In the last year of its three-year grant, AfP will continue to emphasize creative solutions to the complex nature of global problems; pioneer cross-sector work, including in neuroscience and business; find new ways to measure the impact of peacebuilding; and build new constituencies for peace.


Alliance for Youth Organizing (f.k.a. Bus Federation Civic Fund) General Support $40,000
The Alliance for Youth Organizing empowers young people to make change in their communities and across the country by supporting and scaling the work of local organizations, and by building a movement of young people, by young people, for all people. Working closely with its eight core affiliate organizations, the Alliance envisions a new era of locally-led democracy with inclusive processes and equitable outcomes, where lots of young people engage in democracy as voters, organizers, and leaders, making the world more just, sustainable, and awesome. A general support grant will give the Alliance more flexibility as it expands its scope to provide support to youth organizations in 20 new states.


Auburn Theological Seminary General Support $50,000
Auburn is a leadership development and research center working with faith-rooted social justice leaders who exhibit the ability and potential to awaken the spirit of possibility within each of us to catalyze change. Using research-based methodologies, Auburn equips leaders to frame the critical conversations of the day, and to mobilize the public to work across divides. Over the last year, Auburn influenced more than a million people through its trainings, digital outreach, and national convenings. Compton funding in 2017 will support Auburn’s efforts to shape public conversations on pressing social issues, such as income inequality, climate change, LGBT equality, gender justice, gun violence, immigration, and racial justice.


Beyond the Choir / Commonwealth Foundation Veterans Organizing Institute $50,000
Beyond the Choir’s (BTC) Veterans Organizing Institute cultivates the leadership of progressive post-9/11 veterans by training them in narrative strategy, public speaking, and campaigning skills. With a renewal grant from Compton, BTC will continue the work it piloted last year to develop a network of former service members with a high level of political analysis and practical organizing skills. Through short-term campaigns and leadership trainings, Beyond the Choir will build toward its longer-term vision: to empower progressive veterans to play a crucial role in reshaping the American political landscape, with particular emphasis on building and winning a truly progressive foreign policy agenda.


Bold Alliance / Bold Education Fund Stopping Keystone XL Pipeline $50,000
The Bold Alliance is a network of state-based groups in Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma and Louisiana working to protect land and water. Bold Alliance focuses on lifting up rural communities in climate change fights, bringing to the table the voices of farmers, ranchers, fisher folk, and other frontline communities, and connecting local grassroots work to state and national campaigns. Bold Alliance’s state of origin, Nebraska, is the last stand against the Keystone XL pipeline. It is the only state on the pipeline route that has not yet given the project a permit, and more than 90 Nebraskan landowners have refused to give up their land for the pipeline. A grant from Compton will support Bold Alliance’s work to stop the Keystone XL pipeline through creative actions and organizing to end eminent domain for private gain.


Center for Climate and Security General Support $50,000
The Center for Climate and Security (CCS) is a non-partisan policy institute with a team and distinguished Advisory Board of security and military experts, and the only institution exclusively focused on the intersection of climate and security. CCS envisions a climate-resilient world that recognizes that climate change threats to security are significant and unprecedented, and acts to address those threats in a manner that is commensurate to their scale, consequence, and probability. To further this goal, CCS facilitates policy development processes and dialogues, provides analysis, conducts research, communicates to the public, and acts as a resource hub in the climate and security field. A renewal grant will support this continued work. CCS was twice named a “Best New Think Tank” in the University of Pennsylvania’s “Global Go To Think Tank Index Report,” and was cited by Pulitzer Prize winning author and reporter Thomas Friedman as “indispensable.”


Climate Justice Alliance / Movement Strategy Center General Support $50,000
The Climate Justice Alliance (CJA) is a unique network of 50+ community, frontline, and environmental justice communities and organizations; movement networks; and support organizations at the forefront of the climate crisis. Its mission is to build local resilience, remedy the root causes of climate change, and build a new world through a Just Transition out of the extractive energy economy. A renewal grant will support CJA’s new Four-Year Strategy (developed by its members and original pilot sites) to demand bold government and industry action that responds to frontline grassroots organizing sector needs, confronts the systemic and structural causes of climate change, and organizes a Just Transition toward sustainable, intersectional, and regenerative economies.


Climate Solutions West Coast Climate Campaign $50,000
With a renewal grant, Climate Solutions and its partners will continue to lead the West Coast Climate Campaign (WCCC) to achieve major policy breakthroughs under the statewide banners of Renew Oregon (Oregon) and the Alliance for Jobs and Clean Energy (Washington). During the past three years, Climate Solutions has helped build these coalitions, which aim to accelerate a just transition away from fossil fuels and build long-term support for climate and clean energy policies that price and reduce carbon emissions. Since the launch of these coalitions, the WCCC has made major strides in advancing its policy goals and in building the broad and diverse movement that is necessary to win and defend key victories.


Coalition for Abortion Access and Reproductive Equity (CAARE) / New Venture Fund All* Above All $150,000/3 years
The Coalition for Abortion Access and Reproductive Equity (CAARE) is a robust network of 50 national and 40 state organizations in the fields of health, youth advocacy, reproductive justice, and social justice, working together to expand access to abortion for those who face the highest barriers: low-income women, women of color, and young women. CAARE houses the All* Above All campaign, which unites organizations and individuals to build support for lifting the bans that deny abortion coverage. In the last year of its three-year grant, CAARE will continue its work to restore and sustain affordable abortion coverage, especially through Medicaid, by mobilizing supporters to educate policymakers, conducting state organizing efforts with local partners to protect current state-level coverage and demonstrate support for expansion, educating policymakers at the federal level about the harms of current funding bans, and carrying out movement-building activities to engage allies in other social justice movements.


CoreAlign General Support $150,000/3 years
Attacks on women’s reproductive rights and services are at an all-time high, and the current network of reproductive health, rights, and justice organizations has been challenged to work proactively together to respond. CoreAlign works to fill the gaps in the movement’s vision, culture, and strategy. Now in the final year of a three-year grant, CoreAlign is rapidly expanding its leadership development programs in order to foster a culture of collaboration and innovation throughout the movement, enhancing the capacity and skill of leaders to craft and test long-term movement strategies.


Dēmos General Support $150,000/3 years
Dēmos envisions an America where everyone has an equal say in our democracy and an equal chance in our economy. The organization sees the country’s growing diversity not as a dilution of America’s promise, but as its fulfillment. With the progressive gains of the 20th century under threat, and as record inequality continues to widen, Dēmos’ litigation, communication, research, and campaign teams are working with allies across progressive movements to chart a strategy for exposing phony populism, resisting a radical far-right agenda, and winning back power. A three-year general support grant will fund work to advance Dēmos’ vision of an America in which race, gender and class are not dividing lines, but sources of solidarity.


Every Voice Center General Support $150,000/3 years
An equitable society that treats everyone with dignity and fairness must begin with an inclusive democracy. Every Voice Center envisions a government genuinely of, by, and for the people, that promotes economic opportunity and wellbeing for all, not just for the wealthy and well-connected. Its central mission is to promote small-donor democracy solutions designed to reduce the impact of big money in politics, and to ensure that the voices of everyday Americans are heard, and the people have control over their democracy and their governing institutions. A new three-year grant will support Every Voice in its efforts to enact policies that support democracy at the federal, state, and local levels, as it adapts to the challenge of the country's new circumstances and draws energy and new ideas from the activism upsurge.

Every Voice Center

Forward Together General Support $150,000/3 years
Forward Together builds the base of support for reproductive justice issues by uniting grassroots organizations across the country around what families really need to be strong, and working with community leaders and organizations to transform culture and policy to catalyze social change. Since it launched in 2010, its Strong Families initiative has grown into a powerful network of over 100 member organizations from multiple social justice sectors. Strong Families connects reproductive issues with lived experience—including pay equity, health care, immigration, and environmental justice—demonstrating that a more inclusive, creative, and positive approach to addressing reproductive justice issues produces concrete results in policy and culture change. In the third year of a three-year grant, Forward Together will continue its efforts to develop strong leaders, build networks across communities, and implement innovative campaigns.


Front and Centered / Latino Community Fund of Washington State General Support $50,000
Front and Centered is a collaborative table of grassroots organizations based in communities of color across Washington state that works closely with a cross-sector alliance for equitable state climate policy. A renewal grant from the Compton Foundation will support Front and Centered as it increases its capacity and scope of impact in centering equity and inclusion within the Pacific Northwest environmental movement. Toward this goal, in 2018, Front and Centered will work toward educating and mobilizing tens of thousands of people of color around equitable climate solutions; build out its operational capacity, moving from lean start-up to an organization on par with other regional environmental groups; and provide expanded technical support and resources for local leaders in frontline communities.


Funders for Reproductive Equity (fka Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health and Rights) Rockwood Fellowship for Leaders in Reproductive Health, Rights and Justice $100,000/2 years
The Funders Network on Population, Reproductive Health and Rights has partnered with the Rockwood Leadership Institute to create a leadership training program for reproductive health, rights, and justice advocates. Rockwood programs raise the capacity of individual leaders, their organizations, and the broad networks of policy, organizing, and service in which they work. The collaboration is strengthening the reproductive health, rights, and justice field by providing opportunities for individual leadership skills practice, relationship building, authentic dialogue, and partnership. A two-year grant, now in its second year, is supporting three yearlong cohorts, in which a total of 70 leaders will acquire the concrete skills required for strong leadership and collaboration.


Global Progressive Hub / Center for International Policy General Support $50,000
By engaging diverse national organizations with millions of members, Global Progressive Hub (GPH) provides crucial connective tissue for the progressive movement and drives people-powered campaigns, advocacy, and communications that build power for a more peaceful, just, prosperous, sustainable and equitable world. Comprised of leading political activists representing issues and constituencies that include faith, labor, climate, peace and security, women’s issues, and young people, GPH is working to build a stronger, broader and more diverse movement that puts forward a new vision for America’s role in the world, one that rejects the politics of fear and demonization of the other and advances a progressive values-based internationalism.


Indivisible Fund / Tides Foundation Defending Progressive Foreign Policy $50,000
Indivisible is a grassroots progressive network formed after the release of the Indivisible Guide, which outlined how small groups of constituents can organize locally and make their voices heard with their own members of Congress. Indivisible cultivates local leadership and effective grassroots groups, demystifies policy processes, supports strategic civic engagement, and develops a sense of shared identity and purpose among activists nationwide through intentional community building. A grant from Compton will allow Indivisible to hire a Foreign Affairs and National Security Policy Manager to conduct rapid policy analysis and to provide action-oriented advice to 6,000 grassroots groups, ensuring they can effectively engage with their elected officials on important issues of peace and national security.


Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) General Support $150,000/3 years
The Institute for Integrated Transitions (IFIT) is the first NGO dedicated to the integration of policymaking in the areas of democracy, development, rule of law, and security in contexts of transition out of conflict or repression. Filling what was previously a serious gap in the international system, IFIT is an independent expert research and advisory group that supports countries through the complex challenges of setting priorities and policies in times of transition. IFIT provides hands-on consulting to national and international actors, as well as resource guides and original research. In the last year of its three-year grant, IFIT will continue to build out its “practice groups” of expert advisors and in-country “brain trusts,” publish new and ongoing research, and engage more deeply with new countries entering transition processes.


Living Room Conversations General Support $30,000
Living Room Conversations are designed to assist in reweaving the fabric of our democracy, one conversation at a time. The organization creates empathy and understanding across divides through allowing everyday people to facilitate these conversations, using than 60 carefully researched and worded Conversation Guides that cover a wide array of challenging and divisive issues. Hundreds of these conversations have happened already; this grant will ensure that hundreds become thousands, and that many new participants become hosts and organizers of both face- to-face and video Living Room Conversations.


Management Assistance Group Confluence: a Gathering Toward Dignity, Love, and Justice $10,000
The Management Assistance Group is a coaching and strategic consulting firm that serves people and organizations across progressive social sectors, proactively building connective tissue and alignment among people and issues. A 2017 grant to MAG will support a three-day, cross-sector “Confluence” convening, which will bring together 75 leaders who are working toward justice from multiple perspectives to begin to discuss the infrastructure, strategy, mindsets, and goals necessary to build progressive power for the future.


Movement Generation General Support $40,000
Movement Generation Justice & Ecology Project inspires and engages in transformative action towards the liberation and restoration of land, labor, and culture. It is rooted in vibrant social movements led by low-income communities and communities of color committed to a Just Transition away from profit and pollution and towards healthy, resilient, and life-affirming local economies. MG is bridging the gap between our current social movement strategies and the scale of the emerging ecological crisis, and its leadership, guidance, and support is galvanizing climate justice actions and campaigns in urban communities of color across many different social movement sectors. A renewal grant will allow MG to provide the framing and training that helps align leaders in frontline communities to lead a just transition; to build social movement infrastructure to leverage local change nationally; and to carry out programs and activities that shift cultural norms toward a just transition.


Movement Strategy Center General Support $30,000
Founded in 2001, Movement Strategy Center (MSC) collaborates with more than 300 partner grassroots organizations, alliances, and networks that operate at local, regional, and national levels. MSC strengthens social justice sectors by increasing the capacity of individuals, organizations, networks, and alliances to be strategic, collaborative, and sustainable. A national leader in the areas of transformative movement building, leadership, political strategy, and methodology, MSC supports grassroots leaders and organizations to develop the skills, culture, analysis, and vision to successfully work together to create collective impact towards deep and broad social change goals. In 2014, MSC launched the Transitions Initiative to catalyze powerfully effective strategy and action to transition from a world of domination and extraction to a world of regeneration, resilience, and interdependence. A general support grant will support MSC to work with organizations across the country to put into practice the vision and strategy of the Transitions Initiative.


National Network of Abortion Funds General Support $50,000
The National Network of Abortion Funds (NNAF) builds power with individual and organizational members to remove financial and logistical barriers to abortion by centering those who have abortions and organizing at the intersections of racial, economic and reproductive justice. With over 70 member organizations in 38 states across the country, NNAF works directly with people who do not have the resources to pay for an abortion, cultivating firsthand knowledge of the complexity of barriers people face, as well as keen insight into the long-lasting shifts needed in order to truly achieve abortion access and the rights, resources and recognition for all people to exercise bodily autonomy and thrive. A new grant to NNAF will support the organization’s efforts to bring transformative leadership development to its volunteer network, and to make the network of organizations more strategic and cohesive.


Online Progressive Engagement Network (OPEN) / NEO Philanthropy General Support $50,000
OPEN (Online Progressive Engagement Network) is the formal association of the world’s leading digital-native grassroots campaigning organizations. OPEN’s members mobilize nearly 20 million individual activists to make their nations—and the world—more peaceful, sustainable, inclusive, democratic, and fair. Many of the world’s most pressing problems—such as war, climate change, economic injustice and ethno- nationalist hatred—are multinational problems that require many interlocking national solutions. OPEN member organizations build the political will for those solutions by bringing huge grassroots force into issue debates, advocacy campaigns, public education, and elections. The OPEN network accelerates and interweaves those solutions at a global scale, by helping this remarkable network connect, collaborate, and grow, and ensures the field-leading tools, resources, and collaborative methodologies developed along the way ripple out to progressive allies across the world.


Oregon Environmental Council West Coast Climate Campaign $60,000
Under the banner of the West Coast Climate Campaign, the Oregon Environmental Council, Washington Environmental Council, and the Better World Group in California each lead diverse state-level coalitions of business, labor, communities of color, faith, and other stakeholders that are advocating for a suite of public policy reforms to address climate change. This grant will facilitate work in 2017 to broaden and deepen those coalitions as a core strategy toward securing, implementing, and defending key climate policies (e.g., cap and invest programs, and clean fuels and renewable energy standards). It will also facilitate close coordination on a regional level to share strategic resources and connections, effective messaging and strategies, and lessons learned.


Pentagon Budget Campaign / Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation General Support $50,000
The Pentagon Budget Campaign is a trans-partisan experiment with an ambitious goal: to help bring about a significant long-term reduction in Pentagon spending by promoting an alternative vision of the military’s role in US national security. The Campaign works through a variety of grassroots and grasstops avenues across the political spectrum to infuse this new vision into national policy. A renewal grant will support the Campaign’s continued work to assert that there are smart, politically viable positions on defense that include a slimmed-down Pentagon budget.


People’s Action Institute (fka National People’s Action) People and Planet First Climate Justice Program $50,000
A renewal grant to People’s Action Institute will support its People and Planet First climate justice program. Grant support will allow People’s Action to deepen its organizing, and develop and run state and local campaigns that promote and expand access to renewable energy and energy efficiency, reduce contamination, and create high-quality green jobs in low-income communities and communities of color. Its variable state campaigns will address the need for greater access to renewable energy and energy efficiency, water contamination, and fossil fuel extraction, as no single approach will work in every state as the landscape and available opportunities currently vary greatly across geographies. The overarching goal is to advance the process of just transition towards a new economy and democracy with more equitably distributed wealth and power, and People’s Action’s efforts will center the interests of low-income communities, communities of color, and other frontline communities, putting them at the center of environmental issues.


Piper Fund / Proteus Fund General Support $300,000/3 years
The Piper Fund unites individual donors and foundations to diminish the influence of corporate and special interest money on political and judicial systems. Piper’s collaborative grantmaking fosters community-driven democratic reforms that build power for marginalized communities and protect fundamental rights for all individuals. Since its inception, Piper has awarded more than $31 million in grants to build the sector and achieve reforms. In 2016, the fund granted over $2.7 million to 35 organizations in 18 states, investing to develop the resources and expertise of state and local organizations to ensure their sustainability. A three-year grant to Piper will support its continued role within the money in politics and fair courts fields as a funder, convener, and a thought leader.


Power Shift Network (f.k.a. Energy Action Coalition) General Support $25,000
Power Shift Network (PSN) is a social action network of 65 youth-led climate justice organizations working in the US to stop dirty energy production from worsening the dire climate crisis. PSN engages young people ages 18-25 from frontline and marginalized communities, helping them build their capacity to advocate for themselves and for an environmentally just and socially equitable future. PSN does this by organizing, empowering, and equipping organizational members with material and educational resources to lead local, state, and national environmental campaigns. In 2018, PSN aims to grow the network to 100+ members. A general support grant from the Compton Foundation will help PSN to launch several new projects to empower youth, including a new candidate training program for climate champions.


Responsible Endowments Coalition general Support $20,000
The Responsible Endowments Coalition (REC) was founded in 2004 to organize and facilitate campaigning on college campuses that can result in turning university endowments into forces for positive social, economic, and environmental change. Since then, REC has trained over 6,000 students in organizing and the intricacies of endowment finance and management, helped them move more than $5 million of endowment capital into community investments, and supported their work to move millions more into other environmentally and socially responsible investments, working on issues as varied as climate change, racial justice, and student debt. Compton support in 2017 will help REC transition to new leadership and a new structure while maintaining its strong training and youth activist support around private prison and climate change endowment campaigns.


Rockwood Leadership Institute General Support $150,000/3 years
Rockwood provides powerful and effective training in transformative and collaborative leadership to individuals, organizations, and networks. Rockwood’s approach is grounded in the concept of “leading from the inside out,” integrating reflective and mindful practices in all its programs. In addition to enhancing individual leadership skills, Rockwood programs facilitate opportunities for cohorts of leaders to build trust and develop mutually supportive approaches to advance their fields in both sector-specific and cross-sector groups. Rockwood has a diverse network of more than 5,000 alumni (more than 50% of which are leaders of color). The third year of a three-year grant from Compton will help Rockwood continue to grow its network and programs, and begin to engage more intentionally with communities that have not been able to access its work thus far.


Social Transformation Project General Support $150,000/3 years
Since 2009, the Social Transformation Project (STP) has partnered with leaders from progressive organizations, intermediaries, and funders to strategize and collaborate for a more just and sustainable world. A new three-year grant will support STP’s long-term project to build a functional cross-movement network of progressive leaders who share a common agenda. Its efforts will strengthen the movement’s capacity for collaborative action, and will build lasting power to make structural change by helping leaders develop shared analysis, align around visionary priorities, and experiment with concrete collaborations to practice working together and to improve the efficacy of joint action.


Tara Health Foundation US Reproductive Health Investment Case $30,000
The basic landscape is well known: women in the US have highly variable access to reproductive health services and contraceptives, and access is under threat at the state and national levels. Since 2011, states have enacted at least 200 restrictions on safe, legal abortion, and potential changes in federal law could threaten the health coverage of millions of women of reproductive age. A 2017 grant from Compton will support an initial assessment of the reproductive health landscape, identify where impact investing and private philanthropy can have the greatest impact, and make that investment case to the broader field, in hopes of engaging market capital in maintaining and expanding access to quality reproductive health services and contraceptives in the US.


Truman Center for National Policy General Support $150,000/3 years
The Truman Center for National Policy houses the Truman Fellows, a nationwide network of 1,500 political and civil society leaders committed to progressive national security. That community’s work is informed by its consensus-based policy platform, “the Framework,” which identifies global security challenges and opportunities and suggests practical policy solutions at the local, state, and national level. Truman’s members contributed policy and research to the framework, and drive the changes it suggests—from crafting and implementing policy at the federal and state levels to supporting progressive candidates for government positions. In the third year of its three-year grant, Truman will continue to invest in next-generation leadership: training and building its network, supporting its 16 regional chapters, and empowering its members with the communications training and support they need to amplify their message across the country.


UltraViolet General Support for Reproductive Rights Program $50,000
A renewal grant will support UltraViolet as it continues to advocate for reproductive justice around the country. UltraViolet is a powerful community of more than 1.2 million people mobilized to fight sexism and create a more equitable society. Its strategy combines online and offline organizing, creative visual messaging, strategic partnerships with national and local organizations, and culturally relevant messaging to force decision-makers to act in women’s best interests. With members in every state and a strong media presence, UltraViolet is able to mobilize millions of people to create the pressure necessary to win campaigns that promote and defend reproductive rights. Renewed support will enable the organization to protect and expand access to affordable and comprehensive healthcare, especially in places where it is already limited; expose “crisis pregnancy centers” as fake clinics that lie to women; and normalize activism for abortion and contraception.


URGE General Support $50,000
URGE envisions a world where all people have agency over their own bodies and relationships and the power, knowledge, and tools to exercise that agency. URGE builds this vision by engaging young people in creating and leading the way to sexual and reproductive justice by providing training, field mobilization, and national leadership for a youth-driven agenda. It is an advocacy and leadership development organization, with both happening simultaneously throughout all of its programming. URGE has a 25-year track record of success running reproductive and sexual health campaigns with young people, and has been responsible for much of the initial issue training and skills development of many of the movement’s current leaders. With another year of Compton support, URGE will double down on its investment in state-level work, continuing to grow its investment, presence, and impact in its priority states of Georgia, Alabama, Ohio, Kansas, and Texas.


Win Without War / Center for International Policy General Support $50,000
Win Without War is a coalition of national organizations with diverse constituencies that seek a more progressive national security and foreign policy for America. Building upon 15 years of national security issue advocacy, Win Without War has created a unique network of progressive, grassroots-based organizations and bipartisan Congressional allies. A renewal grant from Compton will help Win Without War to grow its movement to work for a more progressive foreign policy. The new administration’s plans to gut investments in diplomacy, development, climate change, and other areas present a series of deep threats to America's security. Win Without War’s work in the year ahead will build power, educate the public, and advance progressive solutions to the threats America faces.


Women Cross DMZ / Peace Development Fund Northeast Asia Women's Peace and Security Roundtable $10,000
Although the rise of South Korea’s democratic movements resulted in the election of a pro-engagement president, his calls for a peace treaty process to formally resolve the Korean War have also been accompanied by military posturing and more militarization that endanger everyone's security in the region. A small rapid-response grant to Women Cross DMZ will explore how women peacemakers could be more formally involved in the governmental peace process. With women government officials in key foreign ministry posts in South Korea, North Korea, and China, women’s peace groups must work together to advocate for their inclusion.


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